Haunted Halloween Home Tour 2018 {Kitchen}

Our Haunted Halloween Home Tour continues today…

Step into the kitchen, where all things orange and black are making a show!

I am using the new Pumpkin scent from Mrs. Meyer’s in the kitchen this fall, and I’ve pulled out my Halloween rug and dish towels.  I’ve had all of them for years, so no current sources to share.

Like in the den, I’ve got more spooky pictures here in the kitchen.  I told Sister that this one reminds me of an Easter photo of us as kids.  LOL.  I have another frightful Spireside Candles scent in here – Dragon Queen!  (save 15% by using my link!)

I change out these glass jars throughout the season with Halloween and fall themed snacks and cereals.  Right now it has mini pretzel bags and clementines.

The chalkboard was from Michael’s (old) and the jars from Target (old, but still current).

The coffee area has been dressed with my Happy Everything plate and new Mickey ghost mugs that we brought home as our Disney souvenirs this year.

Over the breakfast nook I have my two felt wreaths from Target.  They usually come out with similar versions each year.  The chandelier shades were acquired over time from Ballard Designs.

You can see our creepy hologram pictures on the far wall.  We had these made down in Disney one year when we were dressed up as the Haunted Mansion ghost hosts.  These are my all time favorite Disney souvenir!!

We kicked off our Halloween festivities with a dessert in the Haunted House Bundt Pan that I added to our collection last year.  You can find the recipe for the cake and more details in this post.

I’ve used and reused these Starbucks frappuccino bottles for years!  I picked up the ghost face clings years ago as well, but they would be easy to paint right onto the bottles, or use a cricut to create.

I still have a few more happily haunted spaces to share!  The dining room is up next…

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4 thoughts on “Haunted Halloween Home Tour 2018 {Kitchen}

  1. I love the touches of traditional Halloween black and orange! Can’t wait to see what’s next! xo

    1. Thank you! I’ve had it for 10 years now but it is called barley twist and I bought it though Calico Corners. I think Antique Drapery Rod Company makes them. Their rods are pricey but are all gorgeous!! I have them in my dining room and living room as well. If you google barley twist it looks like now other places carry them as well. Hope that helps.

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