Haunted Halloween Home Tour 2018 {Den}

I’m back with the next installment of our Haunted Halloween Home Tour!

We are continuing in the den today, where spiders are scurrying up the fireplace!  I found them at Michael’s and use painters tape to attach them each year.

I love using the boy’s silhouette pillows in here for an extra touch of black at Halloween.

I switched out the white candles for black as well!

We added another title to our Tales from the Haunted Mansion stash last year, and I just brought these down from the bookcase in John’s room for Halloween.  You never know, someone may actually pick one up and read.

I’ve had the spooky hand for years – picked it up in New Orleans while visiting the Uptown Acorn.  Here you can also see the creepy Dollar Store pictures I sit around for Halloween.  They came unframed, so I also purchased Dollar Store frames to put them in.  I’ve had both for a few years.

I loved the crows perched on the antlers last year and so they made their way there again.  Mother and I glittered the bones years ago using a Martha Stewart kit.

I always keep these Nancy Drew books of Mother’s out on the curio but I especially love them at Halloween.

The coffee table gets a colorful fall bouquet, candy corn and my skeleton hand wearing one of Mother’s bracelets! I love decorating with candy at the holidays and a bonus is that I hate candy corn so it isn’t even remotely tempting.

Our “puzzle table” at the banquette has the Haunted Mansion puzzle out again this year, but I also picked up a new Jack Skellington puzzle to swap it with in a couple of weeks.  Trader Joe’s didn’t stock the pumpkin caramel corn this year, but the boys are loving the candy corn popcorn in its place.

The spooky motion activated lantern was part of Whit’s Haunted Mansion gravedigger costume last year and was added to the decor this year.  I am burning the Ghostly Castle Spireside Candles scent again this year!  (save 15% by using my link!)

I put out my black fur pillow and blanket from our old house.  I’ve held on for it for years!

And, of course, y’all already know that we’ve been listening to the Haunted Mansion and Nightmare Before Christmas vinyls on the Victrola.

Thanks for hanging in until the dead end.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the kitchen!

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6 thoughts on “Haunted Halloween Home Tour 2018 {Den}

  1. The crows are fantastic, and the spiders are my favorite. Everything is so suitably spooky! xo

  2. You do the best job! Everything is just how my boys would like it – – and – – we are doing that puzzle for the 2nd year and may just have to donate it. It’s a tough one!! ?

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