Haunted Halloween Home Tour 2018 {Living & Dining Rooms}

Our Haunted Halloween Home Tour continues today with the living and dining rooms!!

The only Halloween touch in the living room is the haunted typewriter on the antique desk, but it might be my favorite in the whole house!!  I moved the velvet chair down here from Whit’s room last year and love it in this new location.

The typewriter and rat skeletons were both from Grandin Road last year, but are in the catalog again for 2018.  I bought an inexpensive Poe book on Amazon and tore pages out to use as decor.

Here’s a video of the typewriter in action from last year!

In the dining room, things are much more tame than in recent years when I covered the table in rats and spiders and such.  I found the pumpkin centerpiece at Ballard Designs early in the fall and fell in love with it.  I knew then that I would use it from September through November!  It was designed as a pot filler – to just plop into your outdoor pots once the annuals die.  But, I loved it as a centerpiece.  (Sorry for the helter skelter candles leaning in every direction.  I’m not sure what happened here but I didn’t notice until now.)

The white ceramic pumpkins were from the Dollar Spot at Target last year.  The pumpkin soup bowls were from JC Penney eons ago.  The rest is my china, silver and crystal.

I had the linen napkins done a few years ago and use them often.

Because people always ask, and because I always wonder this about others, I don’t leave my tables set like this when not in use.  I would feel like I need to then wash everything before sitting down for a meal.  I set this for photos and then our Sunday Supper.  The “everyday” look is just the centerpiece, candles and pumpkins, which is plenty.

Over on the sideboard I have a bowl of eyeballs.  They were also from Grandin Road last year and are really creepy in person!

I’ll be wrapping up this tour next week!  I hope you’ll drop by for more.

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8 thoughts on “Haunted Halloween Home Tour 2018 {Living & Dining Rooms}

  1. I love the eyeballs – I’m glad they’re back this year! The new centerpiece is lovely, and the typewriter just takes the cake. Just lovely, as always! xo

  2. I always enjoy your Halloween tour each year. Although not a spooky decoration, I am in love with your shell mirror in the living room (first picture). Gorgeous!!

    1. I did it over the course of 2 days – between work, kids, sports, etc. Not too long because I don’t change a ton of things every year and I didn’t buy anything new this year. Christmas takes me all week!

    1. Halloween all goes in tubs in the attic! This stuff really packs nicely – I probably have 5 tubs and then garbage bags with pumpkins in them.

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