Haunted Halloween Home Tour 2018 {Exterior}

Welcome, foolish mortals to our haunted Halloween tour…   I am your host, your ghost host.

The creeps start before you’ve even entered the house, with pumpkins and spiders and ghosts out front!  (Please excuse the messy shrubs – we’ve been in the process of trimming everything back and haven’t quite finished OR started to pick up the clippings.)  The mesh ghosts were from Michael’s a few years back, but I saw them again this year.

I didn’t purchase anything new for outside this year.  It is all stuff we use year after year!  Large spiders can be found at any party or costume store this month.

The lanterns were from Target.  I bought a variety of shapes and sizes and use them around the exterior and even on the porch this year.

The friendly ghost door hanger from Bronwyn Hanahan is one of my favorites!  The mini mesh ghosts are also from Michael’s.

The dogs have their Halloween bows back and I’m trying to keep my ferns alive for a couple more months.

Over at the side door I have another Bronwyn Hanahan candy corn door hanger.  As a first time mum mom I have no clue what to do about the dead blooms.  I started picking them off but quickly tired of that chore.

I’m *dying* share all of our spooky decor over the coming weeks!!  I hope you’ll follow along!!

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3 thoughts on “Haunted Halloween Home Tour 2018 {Exterior}

  1. For mums, you’ll want to deadhead the spent blooms and always water from the bottom of the pot, through the roots! The blooms will last twice as long!

  2. I always look forward to your Halloween Home tour, very spooky!! And your Instastories about the boys projector made me laugh when you said “doesn’t this scream me?!” Happy Halloween!!

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