Haunted Halloween Home Tour 2020 {Living Room}

The Haunted Halloween Home Tour continues in the living room today! This room has seen the most changes in recent years and is the family’s favorite!

The typewriter and rat skeletons were from Grandin Road in 2017, but are in the catalog again for 2019.  I bought an inexpensive Poe book on Amazon and tore pages out to use as decor. I put some flameless tapers (on a timer!) in Mother’s antique girandole and they are such an eerie sight at night.

This vignette was new in 2019! I do love that you see it from the foyer, but that it is a little subtle unless you really look.

I took down some of my usual decor and replaced it with scary photos, a haunted radio and a few other touches. I love to search the house for things we already own to add to the decor. Here I have the boy’s Harry Potter wands. I particularly love having them out because they don’t actually play with them anymore. It’s a little memento of those days.

The haunted radio was from Grandin Road last year, but they do have it again. It’s fun and spooky! I wish it were motion sensitive, rather than a manual turn on. It is battery operated and a really lightweight (cheap) body. But, it works just fine and we’ve all enjoyed it. Will be great for trick or treat night!

Finally, my most treasured pieces of ALL of my Halloween decor… the hologram pictures. These were made years ago at Memento Mori in Magic Kingdom. It is a really neat experience to have them made (just walk in, no appointments) and they have been some of our most used souvenirs. They are also a huge conversation piece!

Here is a short video from last year so you can see all of these fun things in action:

Happy Halloween, y’all!

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