Celebrating Christmas 2020 {Christmas Open House + Christmas Star}

As discussed on Instagram a few weeks ago, last night was our “Christmas Open House”. The boys always look forward to a season of parties, events and friends AND all of the yummy food that comes with it. When I brainstormed ways to keep the magic in this weird Christmas season, I knew I wanted to recreate some sort of “fancy” party for them. This would be a lot of fun to recreate on New Years Eve too!

To keep things super easy, the open house took the form of a bunch of Trader Joe’s appetizers on Christmas china. :-) While I wanted to have a party, I didn’t want to work all day for it. We had festive napkins, crystal drinkware, holiday music, candles and the lot.

If you’re curious, the feta with caramelized onion bites were the fan favorite. They were a go-to pre-pandemic. The brie in croute needed some raspberry or something, I think. The pimento cheese bites were delicious with a little pepper jelly. They boys love the pastry pups every day of the year. Next time I wouldn’t do soooo many things wrapped up in pastry. But, I’m hoping “next time” will be a REAL holiday party!

I told the family to come by and mingle between 6 – 7 PM. In my dreams they would have all dressed up cutely, but I know that’s not fun for them. Instead, I told them to come in an outfit that means Christmas to them. I wore my Minnie Mouse Christmas jammies (because if any outfit screams Christmas 2020 it’s PJs). Whit came dressed in green from head to toe like a Christmas tree. Honey came business on top, party on the bottom, a la all of his virtual office holiday parties this year. John came with no shirt looking like he had just rolled out of bed. Also accurate for Christmas 2020. I didn’t torment them with pictures, but I took a few in my mind’s eye. As strange as this year has been, I treasure the time I had with them. All of them. <3

We also enjoyed a hopeful, magical, incredible view of the Christmas Star last night.

Three more sleeps to Christmas!

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4 thoughts on “Celebrating Christmas 2020 {Christmas Open House + Christmas Star}

  1. You always manage to make everyday things so magical! It is very obvious that despite your “perfect” looking pictures the motivation behind what you do isn’t social media popularity, but the pure love for your family! It shines through your words loud and clear-and it is one of the reasons I have followed you over the years! Merry Christmas to you and the ones you love, Amanda!

  2. I love this so much. We’re having the same thing for dinner Christmas night when my kids come home from their dads. They’re also super excited for the pigs in blankets! Merry Christmas!

  3. This is awesome. My 4 kids were saying it doesn’t feel like Christmas- so I took your idea- went to Trader Joe’s today and bought a bunch of appetizers! We are having our own little party and a gift exchange with each other!
    Thanks for the great idea! Merry Christmas

  4. So cute!! You are so creative, and thanks for reminding me about the pimento cheese puffs at TJ’s. They are TDF!!

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