Sunday Supper {Thai Peanut Chicken Ramen}

My boys LOVE ramen! I vividly remember the first time they ever had it in Vancouver. Since then, they have tried it in every city we can find it, they make it at home many times a week, and we even had a “ramen-off” with a few seventh grade boys after midnight on New Years Eve.

This thai peanut chicken ramen was a huge hit and is delicious. I am partial to anything thai peanut and they love ramen so it was a match made in heaven. :-) It came together quickly in the Instant Pot and, since they cook ramen so much at home, I had most of the ingredients on hand. A hallmark of a good recipe for me is that leftovers are just as good as the first go, and this one checked that box too.

You can find the recipe HERE on Half Baked Harvest. Everything I’ve made from her blog is delicious!

Happy Sunday, friends!

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