Adventures by Disney {Italy & Switzerland: Lake Lucerne, Switzerland Arrival}

Today we traveled from Zermatt to Lake Lucerne, by way of Andermatt. Once we arrived in Lucerne, we indulged in a decadent Swiss Chocolate Adventure, took a guided walking tour, and had some free time to explore and dine on our own.

Adventures by Disney Italy & Switzerland
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Breakfast at Mont Cervin Palace

We packed our bags and had them outside our door for pick-up. Tinkerbell and her pixie dust magically transports them from Zermatt to Lucerne. Again, I appreciate how flawlessly Disney makes it for a family to travel from city to city or country to country! With that done, we enjoyed one last breakfast at Mont Cervin Palace.

Simplon Pass

We once again boarded the train to take us out of Zermatt where we met our motor coach driver. We made the most gorgeous drive through the Adula Alps. We stopped at the peak of the Simplon Pass for a picnic lunch and unreal views.

My boys have bought pieces of cheese all over Italy and Switzerland, mostly at roadside stands on bathroom breaks. They never know what they are getting and we’ve had so much fun sharing with our fellow adventurers.

Swiss Chocolate Adventure

Y’all – we have been looking forward to this for the past year! Our first activity in Lucerne was a chocolate adventure where we learned all about the discovery, origin, production and transportation of chocolate. There were tasting bins throughout the museum AND we each got to make our very own chocolate bar! Our guides gave everyone a gift card to use in the shop or cafe. We opted for delicious coffees in the cafe!

Renaissance Marriott Arrival

Our adventure guides once again handled checking us in for the final leg of our stay. The century-old City Palais, located in the heart of Lucerne, has been masterfully restored to the Renaissance Lucerne Hotel. We cannot wait to explore the City of Lights! The views from our room are SO pretty!

Lucerne Walking Tour

On our way into Lucerne, our motor coach made a brief stop at the Lion of Lucerne, where Marcello told us the incredible history behind the carving.

Then, after unpacking and freshening up, we met up with a local guide for a walking tour of the sights of Lucerne. We learned about the history, culture, Chapel Bridge, paintings on the building facades and so much more. After the tour, we took about an hour to explore on our own. What a stunning city!

Grottino 1313

As usual, our guides made dinner reservations for anyone interested, but this was the one meal we booked on our on in advance on the recommendation from my ZTA big sis! We were served an absolutely amazing meal that is at the whim of the chef based on fresh ingredients available that day. It started with meat and bread, then soup and salad, followed by pasta, then meat and finally dessert. The ambiance in the little garden was just the icing on top!

All About Adventures by Disney

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There are so many ways to follow along on our trip and see why I am so passionate about Adventures by Disney!

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