Adventures by Disney {Italy & Switzerland: Zermatt, Switzerland Arrival}

We bid ciao to Italy and hallo to Switzerland today! Highlights included the Simplon Pass to Zermatt, Cheese Fondue, and an evening free to explore on our own.

Adventures by Disney Italy & Switzerland
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Day 2: Stresa, Italy
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Day 5: Zermatt, Switzerland
Day 6: Zermatt, Switzerland
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Breakfast at Grand Hotel Des Iles Borromees

We woke up to watch the sunrise, enjoy one final (and delicious) buffet breakfast and then were off to Zermatt. Adventures by Disney makes changing resorts and locations a breeze. You simply leave your packed luggage outside of your room at the designated time and they magically whisk it from one room to the next. No lugging, hauling, dragging or lifting required.

The Simplon Pass to Zermatt

We boarded our motor coach to cross the high mountain Simplon Pass between the Pennine Alps and the Lepontine Alps in Switzerland. Dating back to the Stone Age, the winding Simplon Pass was constructed by Napoleon! We made a stop for VAT tax refunds and then one other stop for the freshest, coldest water, pics and snacks! Hallo Switzerland!

Considered the most beautiful of the Alpine villages, the automobile-free Zermatt lies at the foot of the highest mountains in the Alps and basks in the splendor of the Matterhorn. We had so much fun boarding the short train that took us into the village with Marcello. Marissa stayed behind to organize getting all of our luggage. No lugging anything cumbersome on Adventures by Disney. :-) The kids have all bonded so well that they split off from the adults as soon as we got on the train.

Cheese Fondue Lunch

Our first meal in Switzerland was everything we had hoped and more. We dipped into the delicious melted cheeses of the Alps in a lovely private room at the back of the most charming restaurant. We learned that this Swiss specialty, with shared French and Italian origins, dates back to the late 17th century.

Mont Cervin Palace Hotel Arrival

As our Adventure Guides checked us in, we were off to explore the stunning Mont Cervin Palace Hotel. The Mont Cervin Palace is part of Zermatt – and Zermatt is part of the Mont Cervin Palace. This special connection has grown over 160 years. This idyllic place has no cars (and no air conditioning!), just tranquility, clean air and mountains.

Our two rooms were SO comfortable, that it took everything we had to resist diving into bed, where we have the most stunning views of the Alps!

Gornergrat Railway & The Matterhorn

After a quick refresh, we were back with our guides to take the Gornergrat Railway for the most spectacular views of the Matterhorn! For 125 years, the cog railway has been taking our guests from the village at 1600 metres up to 3100 metres above sea level. The journey is resplendent, with views of the Matterhorn and Alps. And, our visit just happened to fall on the 158th anniversary of the first ascent of the Matterhorn!

The panorama at the top is spectacular with mountains and glaciers as far as the eye can see. The north face of the Matterhorn is directly behind us here!

Before we split up for free time on the mountain or in Zermatt, our guides treated us each to a piece of Toblerone – chocolate shaped like the Matterhorn.

The Valais Sheep

Always up for adventure and anything with animals, we began an hour hike down the mountain on our own in search of the Valais sheep!

These famous sheep have spiraled horns, black faces and ears and the white woolly coat – which is special in itself. From late June to early September, a whole herd of them graze on the Gorgergrat, always accompanied by their Shepardess. To find them, you can use a GPS locater, but I can tell you it wasn’t easy! The trails are narrow and rocky, as well as steep in some places. We were literally over the moon when we heard the first baaaaaaa. We couldn’t see them yet, but we weren’t even sure if we were on the right train unitl that point. It was a beautiful adventure we will never forget. How often do you get the chance to pet a herd of wild sheep grazing under the Matterhorn in Switzerland?! (Whit’s whole YEAR is made!)

As we continued down on foot, we came across this lovely sight!

Restaurant Whymper-Stube

We all had the evening free to dine and explore on our own. The guides will always make recommendations and assist with reservations. The boys are on a mission to consume as much cheese as possible, so we opted for another traditional Swiss restaurant. Our dinner at Whymper-Stube completely delivered in ambiance and cuisine! While the boys did fondue, I opted for raclette and it was AMAZING!

We also loved popping in the shops in the charming little village.

All About Adventures by Disney

Adventures by Disney are expertly planned and guided group tours visiting over 40 destinations across 7 continents.  You can visit the world’s most iconic locations with Disney as your guide and your storyteller, and enjoy experiences, activities, dining and adventures in a way that only Disney can do.  This is not a theme park tour with Mickey Mouse and popcorn buckets.  These are trips around the world where you experience the service and VIP treatment that Disney is known for. 

Now Booking through 2024! Here are just a few of the destinations you can visit with Disney:

  • AFRICA – Egypt & South Africa
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  • NORTH AMERICA – Alaska, Canadian Rockies, Disneyland® Resort and Southern California, Wyoming, Montana, Arizona / Utah, New England

There are so many ways to follow along on our trip and see why I am so passionate about Adventures by Disney!

If you’re ready to learn more, I’d LOVE to talk your ear off about YOUR adventure! :-) My job is to handle all of the details so you can enjoy the anticipation of your trip without the stress and time commitment of “figuring everything out”.  I am one of very few travel advisors that personally travels with Adventures by Disney – having taken FOUR different trips in just 6 years – and can guide you every step of the way.  On top of that, family vacations are expensive and my experience and attention to detail make it possible to get the most out of your vacation dollars.  Best of all, booking through me does not cost one cent more than doing it on your own. 


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