Adventures by Disney {Italy & Switzerland: Stresa, Italy – Island Hopping}

Today was all about exploring Stresa! We took a Cruise to Isola Bella and Isola dei Pescatori, experienced “A Taste of Italy” in Stresa and enjoyed an evening on our own! The boys called it one of of best days on vacation… ever!

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Breakfast at Grand Hotel Des Iles Borromees

This morning kicked off with another delicious buffet breakfast to fuel up for the day’s adventures.

Cruise to Isola Bella on Lake Maggiore

Our group took a private, chartered ferry across the calm waters of Lake Maggiore from Stresa to Isola Bella.

Once we arrived, we skipped all of the lines (that’s a Disney perk!) and our step-on local guide gave an absolutely fascinating tour of the historical Palazzo Borromeo. I always tell my clients that the first day you are on tour with Disney, you realize the intangible benefits! While everyone else is reading a one sentence recap on a plaque, your guide is your storyteller, bringing your location to life right in front of you. John remarked “I hate museums, but seeing this art in a real home with a guide is low key incredible.” And he is SO right! We loved peering out the windows, like so many people have done for so many years. We walked where Napoleon walked. And, we loved the Grotto so much – a space created for entertaining on hot Italian summer days. (Forget basements, we need grottos in Atlanta!)

After touring the palace, we were set free to explore the scenic baroque gardens on our own. The majestic white peacocks were breathtaking, as was the scenery at pretty much every turn. Meaning “Beautiful Island,” we all agreed Isola Bella lived up to her name.

Cruise to Isola dei Pescatori on Lake Maggiore

Right around noon, our ferry returned to take us from Isola Bella on the beautiful blue waters of Lake Maggiore to the charming Isola dei Pescatori, or Fisherman’s Island. Our visit started with a brief, guided tour of this tiny, charming island that has been inhabited for the last 700 years.

With just fifteen minutes, our guide had us stroll along the promenade and cobbled alleys lined with restaurants, shops and boutiques filled with local crafts, while she taught us about the customs and history of Fisherman’s Island.

Lunch on Isola dei Pescatori

Ravenous after a morning of exploration, we were ready for a tasty lunch at one of the island’s incredible restaurants – La Pescheria. We had the most charming spot to dine that felt like we were in a treehouse overlooking the glittering Lake Maggiore. Best of all – enjoying fish caught right here on the lake!

A Taste of Italy

Back in Stresa, we spent the afternoon at an exclusive wine and food tasting led by a sommelier at the family-owned La Cambusa Wine Shop. One the finest wine and specialty food emporiums in the Piemonte area, we sipped local varieties paired with delicious accompaniments. Think olive oils, balsamic vinegars, chocolates, truffles and more!

Meanwhile, Whit and the other Junior Adventurers thoroughly enjoyed a gelato outing! Adventures by Disney thoughtfully designs itineraries with the perfect mix of family time, exploration on your own AND a few adult-exclusive activities peppered in. We have a ton of teens on this adventure – ranging from 12 to 19, with the majority being from 14-18. The kids are able to choose when they want to be a “Junior” or do the adult outing! So, John joined us for the Taste of Italy while Whit picked gelato.

Ristorante LaStresa

We were ready for a casual evening on own and our guide made us a dinner reservation at one of his favorite spots – Ristorante LaStresa. Oh my… it was delicious. Whit and I both ordered the risotto – arnaroli risotto with toma cheese, dry meat and pear mustard – and agreed it was one of the best things we’ve ever eaten. Honey got the ravioli and it was equally as delicious. John opted to work out at the hotel and hit the spa. :-)

Gelateria K2

Knowing it was our last chance to hit Gelateria K2 before heading to Como tomorrow, we couldn’t resist!

We enjoyed our treat for the lovely walk back “home”.

All About Adventures by Disney

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There are so many ways to follow along on our trip and see why I am so passionate about Adventures by Disney!

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  1. Just spent a week in Tuscany and was going to suggest not missing it, but given your itinerary, I see you will. The north looks amazing too. Tuscany will have to be on your list though. It’s utterly magical.

  2. I have enjoyed Italy several times, but not like this!!! Your adventures and photos are a dream….white peacocks….incredibly beautiful!!! Wow!!! Thank you for taking me along! Can’t wait until tomorrow and Como! Godspeed!

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