Adventures by Disney {Italy & Switzerland: Lake Lucerne, Switzerland}

Our last full day was the perfect Swiss Serenade. We spent the whole day on Mount Titlis and then wrapped up with a farewell dinner.

Adventures by Disney Italy & Switzerland
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Day 7: Lake Lucerne, Switzerland
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Excursion to Mount Titlis

Our fun-filled day of activities started with a gondola ride up to the half way point of Mount Titlis. The lake and mountain views were gorgeous and, OF COURSE, Whit had me chase down a herd of cows with him.

The final leg up the mountain was on the absolutely incredible, first of its kind, rotating Rotair aerial cable car. Central Switzerland’s highest peak at 10,000 feet provided spectacular view of valleys, mountains, lakes, forest, ice boulders and glaciers.

Once we reached the peak, the fun continued!

Glacier Viewing
Get closer to the crevasses of a glacier on the “Ice Flyer” chairlift.

The Titlis Cliff Walk
Stroll across Titlis Cliff Walk, the highest suspension bridge in Europe at a height of 1,600 feet (487.68 meters) and be awestruck by the astounding views.

The Glacier Cave
Venture into the very heart of Mount Titlis where ice crystals sparkle on turquoise-blue walls of ice in a cave that lies 65.6 feet (20 meters) below the glacier’s surface.

Lunch at the Panorama Restaurant

My mid-day, we were ready for a break the activities! We joined back up with the group for a delicious lunch at the Panorama Restaurant. At 1.87 miles (3,020 meters) above sea-level, this stylish restaurant offers panoramic views.

Afternoon in Lucerne

With another free afternoon, we hit the shops! The boys chose Swiss Army Knives, I picked a cuckoo clock, and Honey got a large piece of Tête de Moine (“head of a monk”) cheese after Marcello told him how fabulous it is.

Farewell Dinner

The farewell dinner is always bitter sweet. Here, we gathered with our fellow Adventurers and new-found friends to revisit the week’s unforgettable memories over a final meal together. Our evening started with the most stunning boat ride across Lake Lucerne.

When we reached our dining destination, we were greeted by the most incredible – and kindest – Swiss musicians. They dazzled us with the Swiss Alpen Horn and yodeling, and then they taught US how to do the same. It was such a memorable and picturesque experience.

Dinner was served overlooking the lake at sunset. And, on our boat ride home our guides had prepared a slide show from the week. It is always staggering to look back and see all of the things you were able to see, do, taste, learn and experience on an Adventures by Disney vacation.

Back at the hotel, we bid fond farewells to our fellow adventurers and guides. I truly hope our paths will cross again. THANK YOU to Marissa and Marcello for being the GOAT (as the kids say.)

All About Adventures by Disney

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2 thoughts on “Adventures by Disney {Italy & Switzerland: Lake Lucerne, Switzerland}

  1. Great job, Amanda! It was fun and informative to follow along with my morning coffee and brought back great memories of beautiful Switzerland. ❤️ Bravo! 👏Bravo! 👏 I looked up the Hotel Baumgarten and am now obsessed! 😍 Thank you for sharing your grand adventure, especially Whit and the darling animals. 🐑🐑🐑 ❤️ Jane 🌴

  2. It’s been fun to travel along through your blog posts and the scenery especially in Switzerland was so breathtaking. I can tell you when you land back in the states, you won’t be donning jackets and long sleeves! This heat wave (also in some parts of Europe) has been relentless. Safe travels.

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