Italy & Switzerland Souvenirs

I don’t usually have souvenirs to share because we aren’t usually inclined to do any shopping. Well, Italy and Switzerland were a little more tempting and we did bring home a few goodies.

Adventures by Disney Italy & Switzerland
Day 1: Stresa, Italy
Day 2: Stresa, Italy
Day 3: Stresa, Italy
Day 4: Como, Italy
Day 5: Zermatt, Switzerland
Day 6: Zermatt, Switzerland
Day 7: Lake Lucerne, Switzerland
Day 8: Lake Lucerne, Switzerland
Day 9: Auf Wiederseh
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Pasta Making at Home

Italy Souvenirs

Everything we brought in Italy was edible and we have SO enjoyed eating it! After our pasta making class, we’ve even started making our own at home, which has turned out to be such a fun memory of our trip.

Switzerland Souvenirs

My favorite thing I’ve ever brought home from a trip has to be the cuckoo clock! It has brought me SO much joy over the past couple of months. We just loved the design of this one and the St. Bernard on the front porch. It is hanging in the foyer next to the front door.

You can see it in action here:

The details are just the sweetest.

The boys were thrilled to pick out their own Swiss Army Knives and get them personalized. Whit went with white, which can only be purchased in Switzerland! I know they will have these for years to come.

And, finally, Honey picked out a wheel of Monk’s Head Cheese (Tete de Moine). I cannot tell you the lengths he went to to move it from hotel to hotel and transport it back to the states. But, it was SO worth it! We finished our first round and actually sought out a cheese shop in Paris to be able to bring another wheel home.

I didn’t purchase a thing in Paris, but I did get a few cute things in Scotland that I’ll share soon.

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2 thoughts on “Italy & Switzerland Souvenirs

  1. I love all your souvenirs and the cuckoo clock is so charming! I almost knew the boys would be bringing back Swiss Army knives. Thats is something they will have forever, and I am glad they had them monogrammed. I remember when my great aunt went to Europe in the 70’s and brought back some pearl earrings, perfume and a French poster of an event at the Louvre for me. That poster hung in my bedroom all through my teen years. She also went to Switzerland and my grandmother was gifted a beautiful Swiss watch at Christmas.

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