Saturday at Scott’s Part Deux

The second weekend of the month came and went and if you’re an antique lovin’, deal huntin’, people watchin’ kind of gal, I’m sure you know what that means… Saturday at the Scott Antique Market.  After a quick breakfast of those melt in your mouth Krispy Kreme confections I’m always carrying on about, Sister, Bird and I headed out with mother and Daddy-O to pound the pavement in search of nothing in particular.  That being said, as always, quite a few things managed to strike my fancy.

These belts were one-of-a kind finds and the horse lover in Sister couldn’t bear to leave the booth without making one hers.

I was just smitten with everything about this vignette and keep trying to think of somewhere to use this fabric in my house.  While it’s perfect for the office I want Honey to build me in our extra long closet, that is so not even on the radar that I’m likely to fall in love with a million more before I actually  need to make the purchase.

Sister has been on the hunt for a saddle shoe painting and lo and behold, look what she found!  I swear, you never know what will be around the next corner at Scott’s.  I convinced her new friend A’s mother can likely paint her one of Bird’s very own saddle shoes, which would make it a true keepsake.

Y’all, I can’t get this little vintage school house desk out of my mind.  I know I should have purchased it on the spot for Cookie’s room.  Why, oh why, didn’t I?!?!?

I evidently have a thing for vintage typewriters.  Alas, I have no where to put one.  Except, I guess, in the aforementioned office that I don’t yet have.

I’ve come to know the owner of this booth quite well.  She always has the creme de la creme of booth space and this little silver tray, glass cloche, bird’s nest vignette is simply swoonworthy.

I love ruffles and adore dresses.  So, as you can imagine, this was right up my ally.

This is a perfectly delicious way to display jewelry.  If my master bathroom wasn’t utterly heinous (one day I must take pictures to share with y’all), I would now own this.

I love all things “carry on” just as much as I love dresses and ruffles, and I have something special in mind for this fun find.

These mercury glass apothecary jars were hand made in 1930’s England to later be discovered in the basement of a Virginia mill.  Since I have oogled these each and every trip to Scott’s, I finally brought one home to display in my own basement.  And Sister did too.

These herb trays are popping up everywhere.  Even in the Paris Market!

And the sad part of this story is that I don’t even have a picture of the floor length mirror Sister purchased for her mudroom, the gigantic silver platter mother found for her coffee table or the four vintage egg prints that will one day grace my powder room.

Until next time,

PS. I now have the aforementioned pics!

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