Holiday Humor

As we wrap up the holiday season and enjoy the lights and sounds of Christmas for two more days, I can’t seem to get this song out of my head…

Jingle bells, Batman smells
Robin laid an egg.
Batmobile lost it’s wheel
Joker got away. Hey!

Except, in my family we have this weird tendency to make up new words to our songs.  Before we had children, we used our cats names.  Wow, that makes a weird tendency sound even crazier.  At any rate, this is what I’m singing today…

Jingle bells, Cookie smells
Bird laid an egg.
Daddy’s Jeep lost it’s wheel
Cotton got away.  Hey!

For those of you that don’t know my family and our love of nicknames (I’m pretty sure only family and two besties even know this blog exists), this may not make sense to you.  Let me break it down:
Cookie = Whit
Bird = My nephew
Cotton = John

I apologize in advance for sticking you with this catchy diddy.  Tis the season!

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The Many Faces of Honey

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Merry! Merry!

There are certain days in my life when I’m overcome with just how fortunate I am.  Surrounded by a wonderful family, mounds of gifts, twinkling lights and beautiful children, today was one of those days. And, since I never got around to posting our annual Santa picture, here it is, along with some Santas of… Read More

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