Chili & Beer Tasting {Invitations}

The Chili & Beer Tasting party invitations were a fun precursor to the party and were really a cinch to make.

We started with Yuengling Light bottles.  Why?  Because when I went to the grocery I was looking for a solid brown bottle without any weird dimples, grooves or etchings and this particular option happened to be on sale.  That being said, I’d totally recommend them because the labels came off with no effort at all compared to the Miller Light bottles I used for the centerpieces.  We started by soaking them in water over night.  The next water they peeled clean off.

I designed new labels for the bottles, printed them, cut them by hand and then used a glue stick to adhere them to the thoroughly dried label-less bottles.  I used our custom monogram at the top and New Yorker Engraved and Schindler Small Caps fonts for the text.  For reference, the main label measured 3.5″ by 2.5″ and the little neck wrap was about 1″ wide.

I then printed and cut tags designating which variety of beer to bring to the party.  The kraft card stock was left over from the cowboy party, but originally purchased at Michael’s.  Because I had it on hand, I used a short length of Divine Twine to tie on the tags.  The tags measured 2″ by 3″.

Since everyone lives within a couple of miles of our house, we hand delivered the invites.

Check in tomorrow for all the recipes!

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