Disney Breakfast Bags

This year we aren’t on the Disney Dining Plan so we only have a few reservations for a few special things.  The majority of the time we’ll be eating on our own, which is just fine by me.  Like last year, I’m packing cereal bars, poptarts, juice boxes and milk boxes so that the littles can eat breakfast on the go from the resort to the parks each morning.  This worked well for us last year (when we didn’t have a reservation) and saved a good deal of money.  Not to mention, entering the park already fueled up allows us to hit the rides before the lines get long!

September 2011 180

Unlike last year, I have not packaged them up all pretty like.  I mean, had no red bags left and a bunch of episodes of Gossip Girl have been angling for my attention.  I figure we’ll throw them in their stockings each morning and call it a meal :-) 

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3rd Annual Snowflake Breakfast: Scout + Mickey

Our friendly family elf, Scout, is back once again for the holiday season!!!  He flew in last night and worked his little elfin fingers to the bone preparing perfectly elf-sized portions of breakfast favorites for our third annual Scout’s Snowflake Breakfast.  And this year, the jolly little elf teamed up with our favorite mouse to… Read More