Cowboy Thanks

I finally cajoled the PCP into sitting down and “writing” thank you notes for all of the lovely gifts received at his Rootin Tootin Cowboy Party.

Since he’s just now getting a hand on his penmanship, I thought it was fair (and sure to end better) to make fill in the blank notecards for him to use.  I made him a list of each friend’s name and what they gave him and he went to town.  
In no time at all, he was done.  And his sense of accomplishment was just icing on the cake!
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Y’all, I am not exaggerating when I say that my baby can impressively wield a scooter.  It’s his greatest talent at the ripe age of two.   Said scooter was the PCP’s Christmas gift from Sister and her Mister last year.  And the baby, at twenty-four months + two weeks young, mastered the darned thing.… Read More

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