Corbel Love

From the day I laid eye on this house, these iron brackets have bothered me.  I can’t really put my finger on why, they just did.
So, I’ve been on somewhat of a two year mission to procure a suitable replacement.  After scouring Scott’s and the world wide web, I finally stumbled upon a perfect pair at west side must shop G. Scott Interiors (the shoppe is relocating now but was previously known as Patina and Love Street Interiors.)  They are meant to support a shelf, that was also included in my purchase, but I knew I wanted to use them under my bar.  (Never fear, I have plans for that shelf in the baby’s one day big boy room.)  
As my projects typically go, things are never quite as easy as they seem (cue Honey’s eye roll…NOW!)  As it turns out, the brackets were about 1.5 inches too deep so Honey spent quite a bit of time sawing off the back ends to the appropriate size (and for some reason my whole house smelled of burning wood during the process.)  He glued them to the wall (I am not promoting or condoning this method…I leave those decisions up to him) and let them set over night.
I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.  Their substantial size is much more appropriate for the space and the weathered patina makes them look like fabulous architectural salvages.
With the new corbels and painted mirror, I now just have some plates to hang on the wall and then I’ll be ready to invite you on a tour of the room!
So flattered for the features at Get Your Brag On and Miss Mustard Seed!
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