Savannah: Shopping

When the baby sweetly asked his Ampa “Can I stay home with you and be very good today?”, Mother and I did a little jig as we knew there was no way he’d get turned down :-)  We literally ran out the door before anyone could change their minds.

We started at Sweet Tea in Sandfly.  This is one of my fave fave fave shoppes outside of the historic district.

photo 4 (25)

I picked up two cute shamrocks at Miracle Greenhouse.

photo 2 (38)

And then we headed to Clutter off of Eisenhower.  It’s relatively new and chocked full of fab finds.  I left with a gorg piece of real coral for $18 (Sister got THREE before she left town) and a found turtle shell.

photo 1 (41)

photo 2 (40)

photo 3 (34)

Right in the same shopping center is another newish addition – Maison de Macarons.  The chocolate ganache was too too fabulous!  I regret not getting a few for later!

  photo 5 (16)

photo 4 (26) 
After stopping in the Lilly store (where I procured a gorge green lace dress with birthday money), JoAnn’s (I settled on seersucker to skirt the desk in the closet) and Home Goods (where I finally, after four years, rounded out my set of mini footed cloches!!), we lunched at Back in the Day Bakery – a must-eat on every trip home.  Mother and I shared the grilled pimento cheese (which just shot up to the tip top spot on my list of favorite eats), the ‘nana puddin (always heavenly) and a lavender cookie (like no other.)  Afterwards, we headed to the shops on Whitaker Street – Circa Lighting, No. Four Eleven and One Fish Two Fish.  Mother and Daddy-O gave me a “gift card” for a gorgeous monogrammed throw from No. Four Eleven and I can’t wait for it to come in.  One Fish Two Fish was chocked full of lovely finds, including the gold leafed shell Sister gave me for my birthday!!
   photo 5 (17)

photo 1 (42)

photo 2 (41)

Our last stop was Paris Market.  Per usual, it was a feast for the eyes.  I love that you rarely see the same thing twice in here!

photo 3 (35)

It was such an treat to do just as we please, just Mother and I.  I’m pretty sure it’s been seven years since we’ve done this without little ones in tow! Speaking of the little one, he’s been sleeping in my bed with me all week (which I LOVE – he says the bunk room is “too scary without brother”) and just rolled over to request I fetch him some water…

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Have you seen this floating around?  I laugh every time I think about it.  The PCP was super proud of this castle tower.  Somewhere between ages four and seven I guess they flip the switch from building to destroy to building to build.  I spend a ridiculous amount of my day protecting his Lego creations… Read More

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