Annual Gingerbread Soiree

One of the littles’ most anticipated events of the season is always Sister’s Gingerbread Soiree.  We both had busy schedules back in Atlanta this month so she moved the event to Some Beach!!  It was a bit unique decorating gingerbread houses at the beach in shorts and tees with the doors open, but I’d take that… Read More

A Harry Potter (and Disney) Surprise

I’ve been sitting on the best little secret for months on end and almost spilled the beans more times than I can count!  You see, the DIS Unplugged (one of my favorite podcasts) announced early this year that they would be doing their annual “Disapalooza” event at Diagon Alley this year.  I read all of the… Read More

6th Annual Snowflake Breakfast: An Elf 10th Birthday

Our little elf, Scout, came a wee bit early this year, flying in from the North Pole in his birthday best to celebrate John’s 10th birthday breakfast!!! Normally Scout brings an assortment of pint sized breakfast treats on his first day back, but since we had a guest of honor celebrating a milestone birthday, the… Read More

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