Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day {Shamrock Pretzels}

I have hunted for two years for a good pretzel mix in a box to no avail! In the past, I’ve used both Auntie Anne’s and Fleischmann’s with good luck. Since my boys were asking and I couldn’t go another year without shamrock pretzels, I turned to the Nine & Sixteen recipe. I love pretty much anything she’s ever shared and her pretzels were no different. They turned out perfectly, just as promised.

I set the table with my same green gingham tablecloth (it washes and dries beautifully!). The platter is by Happy Everything with an old shamrock attachment. I get all of my pieces at A. Dodson’s.

Soft Pretzels Recipe

THE RECIPE >> Nine & Sixteen Soft Pretzels

Instructions on forming them into shamrocks is below!

Shamrock Soft Pretzels Video

You can watch the whole thing in action in this quick 3 minute video. Spoiler alert: It is not nearly as cute, professional or well done at Tasty. :-)

Shamrock Soft Pretzels Instructions

You will want to follow all of the directions on whatever recipe you are using, but then twist them into shamrocks. This is easier than making a pretzel shape!

  1. Once you’ve divided the dough per your recipe, use your hands to roll out each piece into a 24″ strip. I keep this ruler in my kitchen tool drawer.
  2. Start with the stem of the shamrock. Pull the strip up and loop it around to the left, down and back across.
  3. Add a second loop going up, around to the left and down.
  4. Make the third loop going up and around to the left. Tuck the end between the pretzel dough layers.

The Green Salt

Figuring my shamrock pretzels needed a little something green, I placed a few teaspoons of salt into a small zip top bag. I added two drops of liquid green food coloring and shook it around to evenly coat everything. I then sprinkled the green salt on the pretzels.

We’re enjoying all the green and festive things around here this week. Tomorrow brings our annual Krispy Kreme breakfast delivery!!

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2 thoughts on “Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day {Shamrock Pretzels}

  1. Thanks for sharing her recipe! I have been on the search for pretzel mix and could not find any anywhere! Sadly, I don’t think Auntie Anne’s or Fleischmann’s is making them anymore.

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