Georgia On My Mind Teacher Appreciation Lunch

The big event for our elementary school hospitality committee was the teacher appreciation luncheon! I am SO thankful that our teacher appreciation week fell before the school closures in early February. We went with a Georgia On My Mind theme and the whole event turned out wonderfully. Our group usually spends the bulk of our… Read More

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Top o’ the Morning Breakfast Delivery

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and Top o’ the Morning! Since we enjoyed our Lucky Leprechaun Brunch on Sunday, I surprised the family with delivery of our favorite treat this morning… Krispy Kreme!!! You’ll recognize all of the same festive table additions from this past weekend (and past years for that matter). That roll of wrapping… Read More

“School Night” Supper {Corned Beef Sandwiches}

One of our favorite St. Patrick’s Day dinners each year is corned beef sandwiches! We enjoyed it this year on our first night of “e-learning” so I suppose that qualifies as a school night. I realize it seems like this is turning into a food blog. I assure you, it isn’t :-) I just had… Read More