School’s in Session Shindig

There’s nothing we love more around here than a little celebration.  And if the first day of school isn’t case for a special snack then I don’t know what is!  These two were all smiles when they disembarked the bus and I funneled them straight to the back porch. As I briefly mentioned in my… Read More

April Fools Day {Mickey’s Mixed-Up Meal & Free Printables}

I’m admittedly a little behind in sharing Mickey’s Mixed-Up Meal – the silliest April Fools Day breakfast on earth!! The littles awoke to find invitations sitting beside their beds down in Savannah… Just like last year, when they came to the table it was set with the menu and course selection cards. Based on the… Read More

A Southern New Year’s Party {Free Printables}

For as long as we’ve been married, Honey and I have hosted a traditional Southern feast on New Year’s day. And rather than writing about it after the fact, I thought it would be fun to do so before hand since I created a few fun printables for the occasion!   THE INVITATION As soon… Read More