Elsa’s 5th Barkday Celebration + Reese’s Bunny Cereal

Elsa’s 5th Barkday Celebration Our precious Elsa Belle celebrated her fifth barkday yesterday!!! Whit made her the most darling dog bones to celebrate. We poured through all the cookie cutter options and picked out a perfect set for our little pup girl. We’ve made these many times before. They are super easy and always turn… Read More

Santa Paws at The Battery

A couple of months ago when The Battery put out their holiday events, I noted that they were having free dog photos with Santa Paws. Knowing Whit would absolutely go bananas for this, I marked the calendar and promised him we’d go. Well, with Mother and Daddy-O in town, it turned into a family extravaganza… Read More

Elsa Tales {Frosty Paws for the Dog Days of Summer}

We’re in the throes of the dog days of summer here in Atlanta. It’s so unbearably hot that even Elsa Belle lies around lethargic, pausing her relentless mission to chase down every squirrel, chipmunk and lizard in the yard. While she absolutely loves Frosty Paws, they don’t frequently make it into the shopping buggy. When… Read More