Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day School Night Supper {Corned Beef Sandwiches}

Corned beef and swiss sandwiches on marble rye from the bakery is one of my boys favorite meals. And, it couldn’t be easier. I do plan to make a corned beef brisket later in the week so for this is just ordered deli meat and cheese. While they were both at after school activities I… Read More

Celebrating Christmas 2022 {Candy Cane Calzone}

One of our favorite easy suppers and game day snacks is this Pepperoni Bread. I’ve done a Mummy Stromboli at Halloween, too. And now, for Christmas 2022, I introduce the Candy Cane Calzone! Candy Cane Calzone Ingredients Candy Cane Calzone Video Candy Cane Calzone Instructions First, line your cookie sheet with parchment or a non-stick… Read More

Sunday Supper {Crock Pot Tortellini Soup}

Whit ran across this recipe on TicTok, a usual occurrence around here, and asked me to put it on our weekly menu. It was so easy, hearty and turned out to be so yummy that I expect we will enjoy it many times this winter. Tortellini Soup I hope you enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving week.… Read More

Making Halloween Happy {Mummy Dogs & Other Festivities}

The boys both rushed in from school, landing for just enough time to scarf down some supper before heading back out with friends. Our usual Halloween supper is Mummy Dogs and I saw no reason to change that! I made chili the night before and it was a nice accompaniment. Mummy Dogs I made jell-o… Read More

Sunday Supper {One Pot Hamburger Helper}

I made the Hamburger Helper from Half Baked Harvest on a weird craving whim about 6 weeks ago and – no joke – we’ve had it 3 more times since then. It cooks in one pot, it’s easy, it’s hearty and it is the ultimate comfort food. For all the boxes this meal checks, the… Read More

School Night Supper {Simple Coconut Curry Chicken}

I’m back today with a delicious recipe that’s easy enough to throw together on a school night! We absolutely loved this meal and the recipe went straight in my “make again soon” pile. Whit beat me to the leftovers the next day, after I thought about having them again for my supper all.day.long! That’s the… Read More