Valentine’s Day Fun {Easy Peanut Butter + Chocolate Heart Cookies}

I love a good holiday cookie and I adore baking for the family. Well, even with all the fun, in-depth, fancy treats I put on the table, the boys’ favorite Valentine’s Day cookies come from a mix. Sure, you could do homemade, but why fix what’s not broken?! Peanut Butter + Chocolate Heart Cookies 1… Read More

Valentine’s Day Sweets Board

I’ve been hoarding all the cute Valentine’s Day sweets to arrange in a fun little board this evening! It was a huge success, as you might imagine. Everything was from Trader Joe’s, which made for easy peasy one stop shopping. I hope you and yours had a wonderful day! By dixiedelights | Filed under celebrate… Read More

Happy Hour {Cotton Candy Cocktail for Valentine’s Day}

Ever since I had a cotton candy martini in a local restaurant I’ve wanted to create my own. Well, Sister left me with extra cotton candy after CeeCee’s birthday party and it was just the impetus I needed to get started! I used one of our favorite cocktails as the base… Pomegranate Gimlet Modern Comfort… Read More

A Mini Valentine’s Day Decor Tour

I had a few minutes on hand and, more importantly, a clean house so I took a tour around the main level to share our Valentine’s Day decor touches! I hope you enjoyed this “live” peek inside. I always love hearing people talk about their home. It’s so much more fascinating than still pictures! You… Read More