Patriotic Porch Mini Reveal

I’ve been awaiting this day with bated breath…the porch is 99% complete (only need gutters and screens) and I am in love.  I am going to put together a full reveal with all the detailed shots, sources and of course contact information for our amazing contractor, but in the mean time I figure if I don’t share it all dolled up for the fourth then I’ll have to wait another year.  And y’all know patience isn’t one of my virtues. (Is anyone else singing “Patience is a virtue” from Thomas & Friends right now?)July 2012 017 copyA view from the back of the house.  We’ll landscape that bed this fall when we have a much better chance of survival!  The flag buntings are from US Flag Store.
July 2012 018 copy July 2012 016 copyWe landscaped the bed and path leading to the porch earlier in the spring and it’s all thriving.  Now, y’all come on in!  The stairs showcase the pots I found on clearance at the Savannah Target and the lanterns are from WalMart.  Mother was a doll and dug up the potato vine from the back of her yard AND planted the pots for me while we were visiting.  They were looking pretty rough for a few days but they did come back, just as she assured me they would.
July 2012 004 copy July 2012 008 copy
July 2012 015 copy
July 2012 013 copy
Mother helped me make a second set of red pillow covers for use at fourth of July and the holidays.  The  fabrics are both from Premier Prints.  The flag pillow was purchased from Pottery Barn a few years ago.  Sweet Land of Liberty DIY canvas (with free printable) project showcased here.  A tutorial for the frame with the “Dixie Land” quote is on the docket.
July 2012 007 copy July 2012 012 copy The flag runner was a wedding registry gift ten years ago.  A few flags in my giant clam shell dressed it up for the holiday.
July 2012 006 copy The flag made from reclaimed pine is from Pottery Barn.
July 2012 010 copy July 2012 011 copy I had grand plans to make a fabric bunting for the sideboard but ran flat out of time :-)  There’s always next year!  We did get the yard shaped up and flags in most of our pots…
July 2012 021 copyHave a happy and safe fourth of July!
God bless the USA!

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28 thoughts on “Patriotic Porch Mini Reveal

  1. Oh my goodness…your porch is absolutely gorgeous! I am in love with every detail! All the 4th decorating is so charming, the skirted table / mono chairs/fireplace/chandalier = swoon! great, great work! Hope you will share pics of your party :)

  2. Oh wow!!!Looks wonderful! You should not "undecorate" it for awhile even after the 4th is gone. Love it all…and your red print over the fireplace looks perfect! I know you will love using this room…even more if the weather would change to a little cooler.

  3. oh my goodness – this is an absolute dream space and I'm pinning away for future reference. One day, my prince, i mean my dream home, will come! I just hired holly mathis to design my dining room, and she asked me where i drew inspiration and i pointed her to your blog. Totally loving your spaces!

  4. I was trying to think of an appropriate word to describe this porch but there isn't one good enough! Incredible and beautiful don't do it justice. All your touches are wonderful. Love the PB wooden flag and all the pillows of course. Enjoy the 4th…you have the perfect place to celebrate!

  5. Amanda,
    I had no doubt the porch would be amazing with your great taste but you really outdid yourself! It is just perfect…down to every single detail! I have a feeling you will be having a very happy 4th!
    Cheers! – Shelley

  6. Your porch is beautiful. It looks great all dressed up for the 4th. Have a fun party today. THanks for sharing it with us.


  7. Gorgeous, Amanda! Favorite piece: Oyster chandelier! I can't wait for the tutorial. I wish I could be there to celebrate the 4th on that porch. xoxo Your BFF,
    Uptown Acorn

  8. There are very few things that make me gasp, sigh, and say awww.. all at the same time. This is something that does. A truly stunning porch, would so love to sit there with a book and a cup of coffee… or several friends and several glasses of wine- haha!!!

  9. Your porch is a great space! I also took your home tour and love your style. You have some wonderful wood pieces and I love how you used them in each room. I'm looking forward to reading more so I am now following and added your blog to my sidebar favourites list.

  10. I can't tell you how much I love the Sweet land of Liberty piece. Perfectly patriotic!

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