The Four Gifts

I share this every year only because it is one of the things I get asked about most frequently in the history of the blog!!  For Christmas, our family goes by a four gift rule from Santa.


The best and most anticipated gift of our Christmas is always the “DO” gift.  It has involved everything from tickets to a show or exhibit to an overnight in town to a full on trip.  Last year they got their very first ski trip … mine too!  This year we are staying much closer to home because we had already planned some trips as a family.  I’m excited about it nonetheless.

In addition to Santa gifts, we also give them something from us, a stocking and a Christmas ornament for their trees.  So, all in all, our Christmas is pretty simple.


I created a Letter to Santa a couple of years ago.  You can find the instant download in the Dixie Delights Shop!  There is also a page included that doesn’t have the “4 gift” list, but just blank spaces.  The date on the envelope has been updated but it also comes with an undated version.

DSC_0392 copy

Three years later, I still stand by our 3 favorite toys.  These have all had MUCH longevity in our household and still get used years later.

 Nerf Lazer Tag  |   Anki Overdrive  |  Ticket to Ride

This year I’m adding the games Catan and Monopoly Deal to our favorite lists as we have enjoyed them for many, many hours!  We have 3 Razor Scooters and I can’t remember the last time they rode a bike with these around.

Our 3 variations of Razor Scooters  |   Catan |   Monopoly Deal 

With that, let the holiday shopping begin!!!!!!!!!


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6 thoughts on “The Four Gifts

  1. Believe it or not, we are starting this now. Our girls are 24 & 25. We have asked the girls, the new son-in-law and the oldest’s beau to give us their Christmas lists based on this. I sent them a message explaining why we are starting to do our Christmas this way. The “to do” is representing the biggest gift of all, the birth of Jesus Christ. It must be something we can do as a family! The other 3 categories (want, need, read) represent the 3 gifts the baby Jesus received. I’ve asked for up to 5 items per each category (the can give me 1 or up to 5) at different price points. We will choose1 item from each category. Trying to decide if these will be from us (due to ages) or from Santa as prayerfully, we will have grandchildren one day and them may wonder why Santa doesn’t come to our house. If we do the gifts as Santa then they will receive their yearly ornaments from us. My daughter has received a Reed & Barton annual Silver Bell every year since birth so she will get that and then we started several years ago purchasing a personalized ornament for each that represents something that happened to them that year. DD1 is receiving a purple ribbon ornament for reaching 2 years remission from her Hodgkins Lymphoma. DD2 & her husband are receiving a joint ornament this year… I found someone on Etsy who handpaints ornaments and is doing an ornament with a picture of them from their wedding on the beach. This year they will get two books. One from their list and we wanted them to give them a Dave Ramsey book on finance because of their ages. The boys are getting Dave Ramsey’s “Total Money Makeover” and the girls are getting Dave Ramsey’s daughter, Rachel Cruze’s book “Love Your Life Not Theirs” (7 Money Habits for Living the Life You Want).

    For those that like Dave Ramsey or want to teach your children financial responsibility (he is Christian based), he has books and games for kids starting at age 3 through HS graduation/entering college. (May be a go to HS grad gift from now on). He also has a curriculum for home schooling parents.

    Amanda, I am so glad you have shared this every year. I only wish I had started it the first year I read it. They may have still been in high school at that time. I pray that they will do this same thing with their future children.

    1. I think that is so great and I LOVE all of the things that you chose for your children. I also love your thoughts on Dave Ramsey. I need to look into that for my boys. And probably myself. xo

  2. Hi Amanda! Would love to know your top 3 scooters. The Amazon link has tons of scooters. I’m thinking a scooter would be the perfect gift for one of my boys from Santa! Thanks!

    1. Okay, sorry for the delay! Our favorites are the regular razor scooters – they love the ones with light up wheels the best. We have also had them that make sparks but that gives out after a while. We have the electric scooter, which is popular with all the kids in the neighborhood, but they like to do tricks on the scooters and you can’t really on that type. We also have the x-wing and they love that but I’d start with the standard razor and then move up to the x-wing once they get good! It’s more of a trick scooter than a transportation scooter. I hope that helps!

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