Memorial Day + Daddy-O’s All American Onion Soup Burgers with Happy Everything

Today we are sending our heartfelt thanks to all of the men and women that have served our great country. We are the land of the free because of the brave.

I remain grateful that we had the opportunity to visit Arlington and bear witness to just some of the countless countrymen that have given their lives to protect our freedoms.  It was a highlight of our D.C. trip and something that all of us will remember.

Here rests in honored glory an American soldier known but to God

Back at home, the predicted rain held off and we logged so many hours at the pool this weekend that I lost count! I celebrated in pink, white and blue.

This evening we had an All American dinner of burgers and fries on the porch. I used my brand new large white stripe Happy Everything oval platter (c/o) and the mini flag attachment I already had. The runner and plates are old (Pottery Barn & Target) and the napkins are from the Vineyard Vines for Target line last year!

Onion Soup Burgers

This is my FAVORITE way to make burgers and exactly the way Daddy-O has done them since the beginning of time!

  • 2 lbs lean ground beef
  • 1 packet Lipton onion soup mix (blue box)
  • 1/2 cup water

Mix everything well in a large bowl. We like smaller 1/4 lb. size patties so we get 8 out of 2 lbs. Grill on the Big Green Egg!

I got a ton of questions about the fries on Instagram. Sadly, I don’t recommend. These were by Alexia and they lacked taste and had a strange texture. We do enjoy their waffle fries though!

Today and every day I am proud to be an American and am so grateful for all of the men, women and families that serve and have served our country.

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6 thoughts on “Memorial Day + Daddy-O’s All American Onion Soup Burgers with Happy Everything

  1. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I’ve never used onion soup in a burger (even though I know it is popular) but can’t wait to try. I usually have it on hand for dips. As usual, I love how you make every holiday so festive and special for your family.

  2. Sending thanks to Daddy-O and looking forward to trying these. I just noticed a recipe on a box awhile back but threw it out. 🍔🇺🇸🍔🇺🇸🍔 Sounds great!

    Thanks. Amanda! You always look adorable at the pool.😊⛱🌞🍹

    I remember years ago when you told the story of sporting your new beige swimsuit on a romantic getaway with “Honey”. You said when you took off your cover-up, he turned to you and first thought you were nude!! ☺️⛱😎

    All these years later and I still think about you when I see a suit that color!

    Too funny! 😂 Love you!❤


    1. Haha, YES!!! You know, I took up swimming for a while when I was trying to lose the last of my baby weight. I didn’t have any sort of normal one piece to wear to the county pool so I used to wear that beige one. It made me laugh at myself every time I dove in the pool there. :-) xoxo

  3. Hi Amanda! We made Daddy-O’s burgers today and they turned out great! Normally, we have a problem when grilling with ground-chuck as it tends to flare up on our grill but these were perfect and didn’t flare up at all! Also, just a note to let you know that Aldi’s will have the smaller outdoor umbrella’s on sale next week ($19.99) if there is one close by to where you live? I saw your IG post a couple of days ago giving an outdoor home tour of the new paint colors (by the way, the colors look great!) and when I saw Aldi’s ad with the umbrellas on the cover, I thought of you!

    1. Hi Amy, Thank you so much! I will definitely check out Aldi. I went one time when whit was a baby and John a toddler and had no idea you had to have a quarter for a cart. I still laugh at that outing. I keep wanting to try them again.

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