Adventures By Disney {Day 1: Burlington VT}

Before our adventure officially kicked off this evening we did a little exploring of Burlington on our own.

Adventures by Disney New England
Arrival: Traveling to New England
Day 1: Burlington VT – Adventure Kick Off
Day 2: Burlington VT – Shelburne Museum & Clemmons Family Farm
Day 3: Burlington to Stowe VT – Bike Ride, Scenic Cruise, Trapp Family Lodge
Day 4: Stowe VT – Ben & Jerry’s, Mt Mansfield, Covered Bridges
Day 5: Stowe VT to White Mountains, NH
Day 6: Bar Harbor ME
Day 7: Bar Harbor ME & Acadia National Park
Day 8: Traveling Home
New England Memories
New England Pin Set

Meeting Our Adventure Guides

Before heading out for the afternoon, we got to meet with our Adventure Guides – Liz and Tiffany. Both were absolutely hysterical and I can’t wait to see how the week unfolds. We got set up to easily communicate with each other and picked a couple of meals out for later in the week when we will be enjoying picnic lunches.

I’ve learned over my last couple of adventures that they always greet you with a taste of the destination. Here, it was maple taffy, maple hard candy and maple sugar. OH MY… maple sugar was just amazing. Kind of like a praline.

Lake Champlain

We took a leisurely morning, letting everyone wake up slowly, grab breakfast from the included buffet and great ready for the day. Our hotel overlooks Lake Champlain and we were excited to walk down the waterfront. It was full of bikers, skaters, runners and people simply sunning on the lawn in front of the gilttering lake.

Farmers & Foragers Lunch

We walked down to find the Farmers & Foragers food truck I had uncovered online as a lovely spot to dine. And lovely it was! We grabbed a drink from the bar and found benches on the water while we waited just a short time for a table.

The food was absolutely incredible and, well, I’ve already shared the scenery. I wish I could transport every one of you to this exact spot to feel the sun on your face and wind on your cheek. To hear the happy chatter of people around you. To simply soak it all in. <3

Our first bites of lobstah of the trip were OMG SO GOOD. :-) We ordered a few items to share, but they were definitely the star of the show.

Maple Creemees

Last night Whit googled “most iconic dessert in Vermont” and we came up with a relatively short list. Included there were Maple Creemees and Maple Walnut Ice Cream. Well, lo and behold, we found both at a little stand just across from our hotel.

We learned in our quick research that up here they call soft serve ice cream “creemee”. And, we learned in the first licks that maple creemees are delicious! While we were gorged on lunch, we snagged a table overlooking the lake, enacted stretchy pants mode, and dug in.

Welcome Dinner at Hilton Burlington

The first official matter of business on any Adventure is the Welcome Dinner! We met our fun and funny guides Liz and Tiffany, as well as the rest of our family for the week. Dinner was buffet style, and started with a huge platter of Vermont cheese. The boys were in heaven. We did introductions, toasts and dined with the sunset over Lake Champlain as our backdrop.

They recognized the birthdays in the group by singing, a special dessert AND a card and celebration pin. This is such a fun one to add to our collection.

All About Adventures by Disney

Adventures by Disney are expertly planned and guided group tours visiting 35 destinations across 6 continents.  You can visit the world’s most iconic locations with Disney as your guide and your storyteller, and enjoy experiences, activities, dining and adventures in a way that only Disney can do.  This is not a theme park tour with Mickey Mouse and popcorn buckets.  These are trips around the world where you experience the service and VIP treatment that Disney is known for. 

Now Booking through 2023! Here are just a few of the destinations you can visit with Disney:

  • AFRICA – Egypt & South Africa
  • ASIA PACIFIC – Australia, China, Japan, New Zealand, Vietnam/Laos/Cambodia
  • CENTRAL & SOUTH AMERICA – Costa Rica, Galápagos Islands, Peru
  • EUROPE – British Isles (NEW!), Poland / Austria / Czech Republic, England and France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Scotland, Greece, Switzerland, Portugal, Sicily (NEW!), Spain
  • NORTH AMERICA – Alaska, Canadian Rockies, Disneyland® Resort and Southern California, Wyoming, Montana, Arizona / Utah, New England

There are so many ways to follow along on our trip and see why I am so passionate about Adventures by Disney!

If you’re ready to learn more, I’d LOVE to talk your ear off about YOUR adventure! :-) My job is to handle all of the details so you can enjoy the anticipation of your trip without the stress and time commitment of “figuring everything out”.  I am one of very few travel advisors that personally travels with Adventures by Disney – having taken THREE different trips in just 5 years – and can guide you every step of the way.  On top of that, family vacations are expensive and my experience and attention to detail make it possible to get the most out of your vacation dollars.  Best of all, booking through me does not cost one cent more than doing it on your own. 

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