Sunday Supper {One Pot Hamburger Helper}

I made the Hamburger Helper from Half Baked Harvest on a weird craving whim about 6 weeks ago and – no joke – we’ve had it 3 more times since then. It cooks in one pot, it’s easy, it’s hearty and it is the ultimate comfort food.

For all the boxes this meal checks, the one left undone is “photographs well”. Y’all would run fast from the photo I took of mine, so here is one straight from the source.

Find the Recipe Here >> One Pot Hamburger Helper

A few notes:

  • I use small shells for the noodles
  • Grate the zucchini in the food processor, using the cheese shredding blade.
  • Fresh shredded cheese is so much better; just run the block through after the zucchini!


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