Sunday Supper {Potato Chip Chicken}

I made Potato Chip Chicken last night and it was a huge hit! The boys loved it, it was easy to make and it was exceedingly more tasty than any chicken “finger” I’ve had in ages. I served it with green beans and mashed potatoes, but homemade fries in the air fryer would have been delicious too. The hardest part was hiding the chips and cereal from the boys all week! Anyone else have a problem with recipe ingredients being eaten before you can ever make the meal?!

Potato Chip Chicken


  • 1/2 cup (1 stick) salted butter, melted
  • 2 cups finely-crushed potato chips (this was about 2/3 bag of Lay’s)
  • 1 cup finely-crushed cornflakes (this was about 2 cups before crushing)
  • 2 pounds boneless, skinless chicken tenders
  • 1/2 teaspoon seasoned salt
  • Freshly-ground pepper


  1. Preheat oven to 375F.
  2. Put melted butter in shallow medium bowl.
  3. Put potato chip and cornflake crumbs in separate shallow medium bowl and stir to combine.
  4. Working with one piece at a time, dip chicken in butter, allowing excess to drip off.
  5. Dredge through potato chip-cornflake mixture, pressing gently to adhere.
  6. Place coated chicken on baking sheet. Season with seasoned salt and pepper.
  7. Bake for 25 to 30 minutes, or until crumbs are golden and chicken is cooked through. Serve warm.

Enjoy your Sunday. We are celebrating Whit’s birthday with friends today!

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Supper {Potato Chip Chicken}

  1. Here in Louisiana, we make this recipe with Zapp’s Spicy Cajun Crawtators chips and it’s amazing! Just know that you’ll be very thirsty afterward. 😊

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