Celebrating Christmas 2023 {A Cheese Gal Christmas}

I’ve shared my love of Cheese Gal (Courtney) a few times here and on social media. If you aren’t tuned in to her, do it! She’s relatable, funny and full of amazing cheese and cocktail recipes. While my parents were here for a week at Thanksgiving, every night we were home I made a different cheese and cocktail for happy hour. In lieu of Sunday Supper, I thought I’d share a run down.

Cheese Gal Cheese Favorites

Whipped Goat Cheese

I’ve made this too many times to count, and taken it too many places to count. Everyone loves it! Bonus: at this link you’ll also find an insanely good cocktail.

Crispy Baked Boursin

The funny thing is that I had planned to make this AND Mother showed up with all of the ingredients too. So, we enjoyed it TWICE! Don’t skip (or scrimp) on the spicy honey.

Cheese Gal Cocktail Favorites

Holiday Elderflower French 75

After trying alllll the drinks, this one was the fan favorite. I made it again for our last night together and then for my ladies favorite things party a few nights later.

Winter Cosmo

I absolutely love pom juice and this one hit the spot. It was so smooth and fruity!

Brown Sugar Cranberry Bourbon Cocktail

This one was a huge hit! It is a perfect cocktail.

Pomegranate + Rosemary Martini

Refreshing and festive. I absolutely LOVED this one!

I have a feeling we’ll be enjoying quite a few of these again in Savannah!

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One thought on “Celebrating Christmas 2023 {A Cheese Gal Christmas}

  1. Thanks so much for these suggestions!! I read this right before going to Trader Joe’s and picked up ingredients for the baked Boursin. Just tried it w peppercorn cheese- so so yummy!! I’m planning to service it and the garlic flavor tomorrow for book club and do a winter white Christmas cosmos too. Your boys have became fabulous young men! Know y’all are so proud!! Thank you for sharing life with us! Merry Christmas!!

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