I Love {Paula Deen}

Having spent the week in Savannah with the littles, guess who has been on my mind?  PAULA, of course! Paula’s Hash Brown Casserole With Gruyere cheese and grated nutmeg, this hearty meat and potatoes breakfast dish far surpasses all other breakfast casseroles I’ve had the pleasure of dining on.  Seconds?  Yes please!  Ingredients 3 T.… Read More

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Five Pictures

Not a day goes by that, while marveling over the beautiful boys that inhabit my home and hold my heart, I don’t wonder (like any other mama out there) where DOES the time go?  It seems like just days ago that we welcomed our first miracle into our lives.  And, here we are, five years… Read More

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Sitting here on Fat Tuesday, the day of my thirty-fifth birthday, I can’t help but marvel at what a hoopla it would would’ve been back in the day.  The college days, that is.  There were no parades, beads or hurricanes this year.  Rather, I was just as pleased as punch to simply celebrate over loads… Read More

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