Shopping Savannah

With the PCP at camp, Mother and I took full advantage of having only one child to buckle in and out and cart around and so we hit all the Savannah must-shops and more in a whirlwind non-stop nine to three shopping day. Want to do a little window shopping with moi?

DC2 Designs
What I got:
I rarely leave this store with out a little treat.  And they always have a sale going on.  I nearly did a cartwheel when I spied the mercury glass honeycomb vases (that double as a candle holder…multipurpose people!) I’ve been pining over in the RSH catalog since March.  And they were on sale for for $28 as opposed to the $55 plus shipping on-line!  *squeals with delight*

My pic in store turned out horrid – this is from the catalog

What I didn’t get:
A settee that was just stunning in person…

…and a chandelier that I admired from every direction of the store.  It was SO beautiful AND marked half off to six-hundred-something.

Habersham Antique Market
What I got:
One day soon the inevitable is going to happen…I’ll have to pack up the nursery and trade it in for a big boy room.  So, I’ve been collecting things as I run across them and, today, I snapped up this sweet little bedside table for $65.  Super sturdy, perfectly portioned and quite a looker, no?  Well, now that I look at the pic you might not be convinced so I’ll just assure you that she IS quite a looker :-)

What I didn’t get:
I will likely rue the day I didn’t get this sweet antique French bed.  It would be so perfect in my future guest bedroom slash office (that will one day take the place of the playroom.)

I love seeing random things that I already own in an antique store.  Somehow it’s so validating.  I “inherited” an almost identical Venetian tissue box from Honey’s Mother (or Grandmother…I can’t recall just now) that will be making it’s debut in the basement bath.

No. Four Eleven
What I didn’t get:
Candle sleeves…because I made my own for my foyer update :-)

Savannah Bee Company
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – this is a fascinating little store is simply a must-shop.  Today we popped in for a little tasting of their newest honey varieties – the sourwood is my new fave – and for an ice cold, home made Honey Limeade Tea.  

The Paris Market and Brocante
What I got:
I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve blogged about this gem!  It is hands-down-without-a-doubt my very favorite shop in Savannah.  Today I picked up a sweet John Derian tray for Cookie’s third birthday gift.  Since both littles celebrate their birthdays within a month of Christmas, Honey and I gift them one nice keepsake item for their birthday and save the toys for Christmas.  Cookie adores dogs and just as soon as I laid eye on the plate I knew I had to get it for him.

What I didn’t get:
As much as I have been wanting one, I passed up the bamboo ghost chairs.  In fact, I first spied them in that same RSH catalog back in March!

No need to purchase a vintage film reel (to the tune of eighty-five dollars) when your Mother already supplied you with one from her own family collection!

Well, of course I didn’t purchase the gorgeous planter out in front of the store. But I DO plan to recreate this look at home.  My annuals are already long and scraggly and I just don’t want to dish out the money to re-plant them sooooo I think I’m going to go all margarita vine for the rest of the summer.

And…I was as pleased as punch to run across the very same mercury glass apothecary jar that I already purchased at Scott Antique Market for half the price Paris Market was asking!

One Fish Two Fish
What I didn’t get:
I’ve been eyeing this ikat fabric for somewhere in my house and seeing it on a gorg pillow in one of my fave shoppes made me want it even more.  Now, where to put it???  I really miss my lunches with bestie R and Sister where we’d sit at Taq for hours and discuss burning issues in life such as this…

What’s funny about this cocktail table with the nautical map is that I was JUST looking at the Savannah River and Wassaw Sound chart on-line last week trying to figure out where I could put one.  I loved this idea and it would be a great DIY project seeing as this was retailing for a shade under two-thousand.  eek.

I evidently need to paint a piece of furniture this turquoise color since I photograph this chest (or a similar one) each and ever time I’m in this store!  I just adore it!

We also hit up Seaside Sisters (to pick up Mother’s signed Mary Kay Andrews book…that was done wrong…ugh), WalMart (I did find some cute one-dollar trays and a nice new fishing rod but I’ll spare you the photos) and Home Depot (where they were completely wiped out of margarita vine) before retrieving the PCP from camp.


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