Pillow Pickle

I have been in a pillow pickle over what to do to finish out my basement banquette.  It obviously needs something more.  And I believe that something more is just about a million pillows.  Pillows that add a little frou-frou luxe and a little classic couture to what is otherwise, in it’s current state, a kind of blah and kind of modern space.  While I was intentional in designing the space to be more contemporary, I don’t want it to feel like a total and complete departure from the rest of my house.

So, with all of this classic frou-frou luxe on my mind, imagine me squealing with delight when I spotted these lovelies at Tar-jay!

Since I have no less than twenty-two feet of banquette space to cover, I made it my day’s mission to drive all over creation to make five of these mine.  Now, I may not end up using all five, but I always buy now and return later (rather than wait to buy and cry my eyes out when they are all gone.)  They are the precisely perfect shade of yellow to dress up my other fabric selections and they have a really great pillow form that keeps it’s “karate chop” shape.  Yippee!

If you are doing the math, you have quickly calculated that these five eighteen inch pillows are going to leave a lot of real estate on that twenty-two foot banquette.  That’s part b of my pillow pickle – mustering up the motivation to make covers for the eleven euro shams I have to use as the pillow base.  And with the sunny, warm, gorgeous Southern days we’ve been having around here, I certainly don’t want to be stuck in the sewing scullery.  Sounds like a fantastic project for my seamstress extraordinaire mother.  Don’t y’all think?

Now, I’m also thinking these fantastic wooden place mats would be a fab addition to the table down there.  But I need six.  EEK.  Perhaps if I end up returning a couple of the aforementioned pillows…

While I’m at it, I will definitely be hunting down these for the bar area, using the towels at the sink and the oven mitts as hot pads for entertaining.

And rounding out my Target must-have list is this coverlet, perfect for snuggling in the chilly basement.  I adore the reverse side done in mostly yellow.  If it came in the twin size I would likely already own a couple.  But, alas, Target obviously didn’t consider my explicit needs when sizing these beauties.  I’m wondering if I could have my mother cut the king size in half and make two smaller coverlets.  Hmmmm….

[As I was checking out all these lovelies online and assessing availability at my store of choice, it came to my attention that there are no Targets in Vermont.  Where do those poor souls spend their pay checks and waste away their days?  Bless their hearts.]
Have a fab Friday, y’all.  I’ll be wallowing in the sun as much as I can.


PS. Don’t forget to leave a comment on this post to help grow our March of Dimes donation by three-and-a-half dollars.  Continue to keep my cousin’s baby girl in your thoughts and prayers and go ahead and add bestie S who’s on bed rest for the rest of her pregnancy.

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