Stylish Blogger

Y’all, I am seriously blushing over here at receiving a Stylish Blogger Award!!

To accept the award, I have been instructed to take a few simple steps…

1. Link back to the person that gave the award. 
A million thanks to Life on Lyford for picking me!

2. Share seven things about yourself.

  • I am a girly girl. I love monograms, perfume, Lilly Pulitzer, pink, diamonds, parties, tiaras, sparkles, ruffles, bows and lipstick. I love to buy dresses. I love to wear them even more.
  • I am a girls girl (not to be confused with above). I love my girlfriends and am SO glad that I have a sister. I enjoy gossiping, shopping, going to movies, drinking wine, traveling, going to musicals and eating out with the girls.  I never had a boy friend that wasn’t a boyfriend until just a few years ago. Now I have two. It’s a lot of fun. Though, now that I wrote this, one of them is more like a girl friend (that’s you R.) Confusing, huh?
  • I fantasize about having Blair’s wardrobe on Gossip Girl. I would love to have her headband with the big satin bow on the side.
  • One of my favorite things to do is to have a cup of Paris tea with my mom and sister. We all sit around the table and drink and chat. We talk about decorating, babies, clothes and everything in between. We often drink the whole pot and we use loads of sugar.
  • I enjoy hard, confusing math. Calculus was my favorite subject. And I love dorky things like preparing taxes and paying bills.
  • I always knew that my parents loved me but I never understood the extent of that love until I had littles of my own.  And having boys is more fun and fits me better than I ever thought it would. I am having so much fun…fishing, shrimping, crabbing, throwing the football, inspecting fire trucks, looking for treasures on the beach and just being a bit wild and totally carefree. Doing things I was way too “girly” to do while growing up.
  • Honey is the best husband and father in the world.  I envy his patience and kindness and marvel at how fortunate I am to have him.  And I thank my lucky stars that he sweetly and silently lets me embezzle money from our household for home decor, Lilly dresses and smocked john johns.

3. Pass the award on to other recently discovered bloggers.
Some of these have been in my favorites for eons (and may not exactly be “recently discovered”) and some are friends in real life.  All are on my must read list…

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Homecoming Gowns

Before each of her darling grandson’s made their entry into the world, my dear mother took charge of outfitting them in the finest manner for their homecoming.  She has a pension for the sweet, classic and timeless styles of Feltman Brothers, one of the oldest known brands of childrens clothing.  And I can’t help but… Read More

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Living It Up

We spent nearly our whole day living it up in downtown Atlanta.  And we were beyond thrilled to have Aunchie and Bird join us on our outing. We arrived bright and early at the Georgia Aquarium and casually made our way through the place, soaking up all of the beautiful and interesting exhibits.  Since we… Read More

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Donut Bribe

A normal day around here would probably drive even the sanest soul to the loony bin.  So, while the antics on today’s trip to the Jeep dealer for an oil change and emissions test were pretty normal for me, I knew from the sidelong glances and shocked faces that most of the others forced to… Read More

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