Sock Hop

The PCP as been completely beside himself looking forward to the school’s family Sock Hop.  And it certainly lived up to his extraordinary expectations!
February 2012 050
February 2012 052 copy
We kicked off the evening with popcorn, Coke floats and confections from the sweets stand before really out-doing ourselves on The Varsity’s famous dogs and o-rings.
February 2012 047
And then we danced the night away…hoola hooping, limbo-ing and pseudo-shagging to 1950’s jukebox favorites.
February 2012 058
February 2012 060
February 2012 063
It was a fantastic night with a son still young enough to want to dance with his Mommy in public!

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Groundhog Day Treats

In this household, we exclusively subscribe to the psychic prophecies of our very own hometown groundhog, General Beau Lee, who boasts honorary doctorates (which really says something about the University of Georgia), various other distinctions, and most importantly a 94% accuracy rate (that designer imposter, strangely named “Punxsutawhatever” rodent up North manages barely 85%.)  And… Read More

Me, A to Z

A. age :: thirty five B. bed size :: king C. chore you hate :: unloading the dishwasher D. dogs :: None.  Though I know three boys that would like to change that stat. E. essential start to your day :: an ice cold co-cola F. favorite color :: PINK! G. gold or silver ::… Read More

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I Love {Alison Evans Coastal Ceramics}

Artist Alison Evans creates the most swoon-worthy, sea inspired ceramics.  Each unique piece is hand molded, hand glazed and totally gorgeous. After falling in love with bestie R‘s Alison Evans oyster plates, I started a collection of my own abalone and tortoise plates Christmas before last.  Since then, Honey has been a doll and slowly added to… Read More

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