Last night we celebrated BIL’s (brother in law) big four-oh birthday in a bash absolutely positively perfectly suited for the guest of honor.  If I were asked to name three things that BIL adores, the list would run much like his party did: cheese, good food and games.  We noshed on six feet of gourmet cheeses (apparently the affinity for cheese runs in Honey’s genes), enjoyed a gourmet meal prepared by SIL, had caricatures done by a hired artist and played games (which the W boys enjoy almost as much as their cheese) of all types and varieties well into the night.

Inside was corn hole, checkers, chess, cards, Jenga, caricatures and a special light saber just for the PCP…

…and outside was the GAME TRUCK.
Good heaves alive, I like to thought I’d never be able to extract my two (Cookie stayed home with Mimi and Ampa) from that trailer full of plasma tvs, leather couches and loads of video games.  Honey was nearly salivating as he entered gaming nirvana.  And his little side kick was equally impressed.
Just when our bellies were full and we’d tried our hand at countless games, SIL brought out the birthday pies.  This girl not only throws a party like nobody’s business, but she can cook to boot.  Dee-lish!

So we sang happy birthday, celebrated Honey’s big bro and wished him amazing things to come over the next forty before taking our worn out little monkey home to bed.

And this morning we scooted out of the house bright and early for a birthday breakfast in honor of another immensely important man in our lives – Daddy-O!  John nearly hit the nail on the head when he wished him “happy one hundred thousandth birthday Ampa.”  He was ever so pleased with his guesstimate when he found out that Ampa is actually one hundred thousand and one today. :-)
Happy birthday boys!  We love you both so very much!!
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Ruffly Goodness

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Well, the much anticipated first day of Kindergarten went off without a hitch!  As soon as the alarm buzzed, I scooted down the hall to the PCP’s room, turned on the light and whispered for him to start waking up.  Not two seconds later he’s bounding down the hall and excitedly proclaiming “I didn’t sleep… Read More

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