The Many Faces of Honey

Yesterday I shared the unabridged version of our Christmas in Savannah.  Today I will dazzle you with what is one of my family’s strangest and most humorous holiday traditions.  Each year starting at Thanksgiving, Honey (as I affectionately refer to my husband) trades in his handsome, clean shaven Southern mama’s boy look to become the mountain man he secretly always thought he’d become “when he grew up.”  In other words, he grows a beard.

It’s not the mere growth of the beard that keeps the whole family wise-cracking over Christmas week.  Rather, it’s that Honey shaves it off in various, dare I say redneck, ways over the course of three or four days.  Like this…

Followed by this…

Which leads up to this…

And finally culminates in the return of the man I know and love…

Welcome back Honey! xoxo

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Merry! Merry!

There are certain days in my life when I’m overcome with just how fortunate I am.  Surrounded by a wonderful family, mounds of gifts, twinkling lights and beautiful children, today was one of those days. And, since I never got around to posting our annual Santa picture, here it is, along with some Santas of… Read More

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Elfin Update

It was another treat filled week around our house.  Scout organized a play date, pulled out our Grinch movie with “real people”, planned Christmas with Uncle Chip, bought happy meals from McDonalds and, best of all, planned a Rudolph Sunday Fun Day!! We met Auntie, Uncle and cousin Bird for a yummy lunch at YEAH! Burger where… Read More

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