Holiday Home Tour 2019 {Master & Guest Bedrooms}

The holiday home tour moves upstairs today to the master and guest bedrooms! Master Bedroom I have only been decorating our master for a few years now and I am so glad that I started.  The red bedding was called Odette from Pottery Barn.  It’s such a beautiful pattern, with deer, swans, woodland rabbits and… Read More

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Every single day for the last eleven years this child has brought immeasurable joy and love to our lives.  He’s funny, quirky, smart, honest, sensitive, laid back and independent.   This year he has developed a witty, dry sense of humor that is so quick it often catches of off guard. Whit was my rainbow baby… Read More

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Two Thanksgiving Favorites {Vidalia Onion Dip + Caramel Apple Pie}

My mother and mother in law prepare most everything on the table for our Thanksgiving feasts. This year I only needed to bring an appetizer and dessert for Honey’s side of the family and set the table for mine. :-) I thought I’d share two favorite “comfort food” recipes that I’ve made for almost twenty… Read More


It’s almost impossible to believe that this young man celebrated his fourteenth birthday today. I describe him at fourteen much as I did at four. He’s driven, hard-working, kind to others, a leader, easy to befriend and a model citizen.  He follows the rules and pushes himself so hard that we don’t have to.  Middle… Read More

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