Peep Pops {Free Printable}

I know, I know…Peeps.  AGAIN!  I just can’t get enough of their marshmallowy goodness and all around adorbleness (yes, I just invented two words there.)  We’ll be having a basket full of Peep Pops for our egg hunting extravaganza tomorrow afternoon.  And you know I’ll be bringing back the bunny-tinis.  A girl needs her cocktails,… Read More

Peeps Palooza

I mentioned earlier this month that I’ve had Peeps on my mind.  I figure the prevailing spring time confection is worthy of another flashback, and just might be of interest to those of you already making plans for Easter. While the littles hunted eggs last year, the grown-ups relished in desert on the deck.  Sister… Read More

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Lucky Leprechaun Breakfast

This morning the littles awoke to an Under the Rainbow Lucky Leprechaun Breakfast hosted by our leprechaun friend Sham!  The littles were plum giddy with excitement.  I mean, they could hardly believe that our holiday elf Scout’s best leprechaun friend Sham came all the way here from Ireland on his busiest day of the year. … Read More