Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day {Cottage “Shepherd’s” Pie}

I’m back today with more FOOD! When I told the kids we were having Shepherd’s Pie for dinner they were thrilled!! Now, we’ve since learned that Shepherd’s Pie is usually made with lamb or mutton and that Cottage Pie is made with beef. No matter what you call it, my family loves it. I made… Read More

National Pancake Day with Krusteaz {St. Patrick’s Day Style}

Do y’all know what March 5th is?! National Pancake Day!! We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day style with Krusteaz and green flap jacks! Krusteaz did send us their Protein Pancake Mix to try, but y’all probably know that I already exclusively use their mixes for pancakes and waffles. They are quick, easy, taste great and always… Read More