Deck the Halls 2018 {Living & Dining Rooms}

Today wraps up the downstairs on my holiday home tour!  I’m a huge fan of a collected tree over a styled tree, but every tree has a time and place, right?!  In our home, the living room tree has a color scheme – silver, gold and aqua.  I do it here because we don’t spend a lot of time in this room and I wanted a tree that could be seen from the street and the foyer.  

Many moons ago when I had cats, they loved to tee-tee on my tree skirts.  Gross, right?!  And you know, that smell never comes out.  It dawned on me last year that I haven’t had a cat in years and I am still just bunching up cheap fabric remnants around my trees.  Haha!  I picked up a basket for the den tree on super sale last January and then grabbed this white fur number for the living room.

Outside of the tree, I haven’t done much in the living room in Christmases past.  Just some greenery on the sconces, really.  

This year I did add a couple of new things.  First, is my Christmas pyramid from my Adventures by Disney Germany trip.  I bought this in the charming town of Rothenburg and love it as much here at home as I did abroad.  I cleared the usual items off of the coffee table and just did stacks of Christmas books for another change.

The other new addition to the living room are some of my boy’s Santa pics from through the years.  I always use them in my den and kitchen, but now that we are on year 14, I needed more space to show them all!  I went ahead and purchased enough of these silver frames from Target to get me through Whit’s 18th Santa visit.  LOL.  I just packed the empty ones away with my ornament boxes so that I don’t lose them before I need them.

I usually keep this secretary desk closed, but it was a perfect place to display the photos.  I also have my Grandma-O’s Christmas music box displayed here.  I remember this in her home when I was really little and am honored to proudly display it in my home now.

Moving along to the dining room, it is back to traditional reds and greens!  

I used the soup tureen from my china for the centerpiece, and just added flowers and Christmas greenery.  I’ve had the silver reindeer for eons.  This year they have their fur wraps back, after a short hiatus.

I collected the plaid runner and napkins from Homegoods over the course of a few years.  I had them monogrammed with my custom initials.  For place settings, Natalie Chang hand-lettered the banners.   I love using crystal, sterling and china in the dining room.  I’m definitely old-fashioned in that way.

My favorite in this room is the nativity.  It’s one of the very first Christmas decorations I ever purchased, about 20 years ago.  It is so beautifully detailed and the manger has a small light that I love turning on in the evenings.

I don’t keep the table set like that in perpetuity, but I know readers like to see table settings for ideas.  So do I!!  After we’ve used the table for Sunday Supper or what not, I leave the runners, centerpiece and reindeer.  It is just as festive!  When the flowers die, I usually replace them with a rosemary tree that I can plant outside later or a poinsettia in the tureen.  

It’s Friday night and we are headed out to a Christmas party!  It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!!

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6 thoughts on “Deck the Halls 2018 {Living & Dining Rooms}

  1. Amanda, your home is lovely but especially during the Holidays. I wish you would do a You Tube video tour. I so enjoyed the one you did last year at your parents home. Merry Christmas from Alabama.

  2. Amanda,
    Your home is absolutely stunning especially during the holidays. I always enjoy your home tours. May I ask where you found the oyster shell pictures I. Your living room at? I love them. Merry Christmas.

    1. Thank you so very much! I got them at Scott’s Antique Market (although not antique) for my 35th birthday. Unfortunately I have no idea who the artist or vendor was.

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