HOCO 2023 {Freshman Photos, Dinner & Dance}

Not only was it John’s senior homecoming, but it was also Whit’s freshman hoco!

Homecoming Things
Freshman HOCO 2023
Dinner Party 2023
Picture Party 2023
Parade & Game 2023
Picture Party 2022
Balloon Garlands
Neon Light Photo Wall
Fringe Wall
Grazing Board
Picture Party 2021

Since I was quite occupied with the Senior events, I was only able to get a few quick pics of Whit at home prior to the organized activities. I hated to have this conflict, but assured Whit he would be sick of me soon enough when he’s my only child at home for three years. :-) Alllllll the time and attention will be for him. <3

Since he attended with a group of friends and didn’t have a dress he needed to coordinate with, we decided to go with school colors for his bowtie, boutonniere and socks. Gosh, I just thought he looked so smart and handsome!

If you recall, back when John attended his first high school dance I gave him his first bottle of cologne. I did the same for Whit and he loved it! It felt like a rite of passage and is such a sweet way to mark the occasion.

I was grateful to the parents that sent me pics from the picture party!

Afterwards, they went to a nearby food hall for dinner before the dance. Finally, they ended their night at Waffle House. Whit said it was a wonderful evening – he came home sooooo sweaty from dancing, with just a fraction of his flower left, and so many great stories to share and memories to keep. I cannot WAIT for sophomore hoco next year so that I can be present for all the things.

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4 thoughts on “HOCO 2023 {Freshman Photos, Dinner & Dance}

  1. Lookin’ good, Whit! Your bow tie and socks were awesome and my own high school colors! Go Blue & Gold! Enjoy the rest of the year! 💙💛💙💛 I can’t wait to see where your dreams take you. Jane ~ San Diego

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