HOCO 2022 {DIY Balloon Garlands}

I have made a number of balloon garlands over the last couple of years and have honed my technique to make it surprisingly quick and easy. Sister, CeeCee and I whipped out about 60′ of balloons in an afternoon for the HOCO picture party!

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We wanted to have a variety of spots for the kids to take photos and decided to use white balloons with touches of the school colors so that they looked good with all the different dress and suit colors.

Balloon Garland Supplies

Balloon Garland Tips

  • We measured our spaces in advance and drew out and labeled how many lengths of garland we would need.
  • We inflated all of the balloons the day before the party. They were perfect the following day and had not deflated at all.
  • We tied the balloons together into shorter 6′ lengths the day before. Then, the afternoon before the photos we hung them together outside.
  • The clear confetti balloons pop easily.
  • I have no idea how many of each size balloon we used. I purchased two packages of the 12″, 10″, 5″ and 24″ balloons and ended up returning 1 package each of the 5″, 10″ and 24″. I purchased one package of the 260 balloons and had some left.
  • The electric balloon pump is mandatory and you can inflate two balloons at one time. We did this and then tied together the two tails of the balloons into one knot, rather than knotting each individually.
  • Order plenty of command hooks for hanging. We had to scrounge up more day of. Use extra 260 balloons to attach your garland to the hooks.
  • I kept my house temp cool the day I inflated the balloons and overnight as well (to mirror the air temp outside). You know how they like to expand and contract. I think this was key!

Balloon Garland Techniques

I am not going to reinvent the wheel here. I have watched hundreds of youtube videos about making balloon garlands and think these are the best sources.

Tutorial by Carly Costa

Basically all of the videos on Lakeisha’s channel – 2 favorites linked below

HOCO Picture Party

Hop over here to see the event!

This really was so much fun!

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