HOCO 2023 {Senior Dinner Party}

I’m back today to wrap up John’s senior homecoming! Since his group was so large (40 kids), he asked if we could host the dinner at our house and said the teens agreed on wanting to have Willy’s cater the meal. I was thrilled to accommodate these amazing kids and set to work!

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A team of senior moms came over early that morning to set everything up. I organized the decor and rentals and another mom took the lead on collecting money and ordering the food. I had much of the decor from past events and will try to link as much as I can here!

We set up four tables of ten in the courtyard under the string lights. It was such a charming space as the sun set, and the weather turned out perfectly to dine outdoors. I rented the tables, tablecloths and chairs, and had them delivered and then picked back up for convenience.

For the decor focal points, I reused the DIY fringe wall and custom neon sign from last year. I added the HOCO balloons to fill up some space on the white wall we use to project movies.

Neon Light Photo Wall | Fringe Wall

Green grass runners look like football turf, flameless candles were perfect to stay lit in the breeze and keep a bunch of teenagers from setting the yard on fire, and small shakers in the team colors were an inexpensive way to keep things festive. I also had small votive candles on the table but decided not to light them as it was a bit windy.

I have a stash of these bottles from Ikea and used the cricut to add the school logo. We put two water bottles on each table.

The place settings were also festive. I found the cups in the dollar spot at Target, added striped straws and custom printed napkins. I went with sturdy plates to help prevent spills and clear cutlery.

Willy’s came and set up all of the food in chafing dishes. We moved the large ping pong table that is usually in the courtyard to this space and covered it in turf looking tablecloths. The kids absolutely LOVED the food and hardly anything was left!

For dessert, I ordered bundtinis from Nothing Bundt Cakes. They were a huge hit! This is a great option for a 2 bite dessert as you can get many flavors AND their gluten free option is quite delicious.

The kids had plenty of time to mingle and eat and all agreed that the loved not having the constraints of a restaurant – not that we could find one locally to set 40 anyway. :-) I set up little decor vignettes around the pool area.

A drink table at the far end of the pool offered sweet tea and lemonade. I used the cricut to cut out the football logo and adhered it with removable vinyl. I had custom cups made this summer to use all year long. I made the megaphones with the cricut before he started 9th grade – they’ve gotten SO much use over the last four years.

The mom crew after the finishing touches were in place and before the kids arrived! We’ve honestly had the best time planning special occasions for our kids the past few years. I’m gonna miss these days.

Here they are! While the kids enjoyed their dinner, the adults hung inside to give them their space. <3

And, after they left, we enjoyed the space ourselves for the rest of the evening!

I have had and used most things on this list over and over again for all sorts of occasions.

It was a magical night and the kids have already asked to do it again for senior prom. <3 I’ll link everything I can below…. you’ll see much of it again for John’s grad party in May!

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6 thoughts on “HOCO 2023 {Senior Dinner Party}

  1. Lovely Hoco party. Do you have source for the drink dispensers. Love seeing all the senior year activities. A magical time.

    1. Thank you! Unfortunately I don’t – I’ve had them for so long. I can’t even remember where i originally found them.

  2. I love this!!!! And what a compliment that they want to do it again for prom. You do such a lovely job making things special for your family.

  3. Wow, what a fun celebration! Over the years, our homecoming has evolved into more of a casual occasion. First, the kids go to the home football game and then head straight to the dance (which takes place right at the school). Some kids dress up, some go casual. Kind of strange but they seem happy with it! As a parent, I’d much rather have something like you did!

  4. Gorgeous event!! I especially love the smallest detail of using your Blue Willow! 🍋💧🍋What a sweet idea. ❤️💙❤️💙 Pieces of my childhood set are about to be put into action! 🫖🫖🫖😀 You always do a marvelous job and it’s so fun to anticipate your creativity! I still can’t believe this train is rolling along so quickly! 🚂😬 Jane 🌴

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