HOCO 2022 {Neon Light Photo Wall}

I’m back today with more details on little projects from our HOCO Picture Party. I am SO SO SO beyond happy with how this spot turned out and the kids absolutely loved it!

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We wanted to have a variety of spots for the kids to take pictures and this one was the crowd favorite. It just turned out SO good!

Neon Photo Wall Supplies

Hanging Your Neon Photo Wall

  • We used 3 small white screw hooks to hang the rug. I put these in the wall back in the spring, and have used this spot a few times since. They “disappear” to the eye and I’ll just leave them there.
  • The rug is cheap and it is quite easy to punch 3 small holes with a pair of scissors. Hang it on the hooks
  • We used fishing wire to hang the sign on top of the rug. We cut another slit for the cord to plug it in behind the rug. Run a few lengths of the fishing wire to ensure it is secure.
  • We added the circle dot garland and I think it was the perfect touch.
  • We secured the balloon garland with command hooks.

This was such a fabulous, professional looking spot. My ONLY regret is that I’ve *almost* ordered this sign five times in the last 2.5 years. I wish I had, as I can rattle off at least 5 events where I could have used it. And, Whit’s school mascot is the Junior Raiders and then I will have 3 more years of Raiders after John leaves. If you know you love to entertain, have an athlete, or just love your school, get the sign as soon as they start. :-)

HOCO Picture Party

Hop over here to see the event!

This really was so much fun!

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