HOCO 2022 {Grazing Board}

In lieu of Sunday Supper, I’m going to wrap up my posts on our HOCO Picture Party! Sister and I put together this grazing board and it was a huge hit. The kids were headed from our house to dinner, and we were a little surprised how much of a dent they made in it. The parents finished it off after their departure. It’s always nice to have a little something to gather around when you have a group that doesn’t all know each other.

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We pulled over the ping pong table that is usually in the courtyard to sit in the space between the cabana and the pool. John’s friends made a wood board to go on top of the ping pong surface for their dice game (no beer, promise). It is SO cute and well done that I had to use it. They painted half to look like the basketball court and half to look like the turf field. They’ve all signed it with their nicknames around the border. It’s a treasure. And, they were elated when they saw I had used it for this purpose!

I have a long wood board that Honey made a few years ago and set that on top of the dice board to hold the food.

Down the center of the board, I started with white dishes to spell out RAIDERS. I filled those with red, white and blue items.

I precut all of the cheese early in the day so it took just minutes to set it out. I picked up a variety of things to go on the board, mostly from Publix and Trader Joes. I should have made a list, but here is what I can remember from a few weeks ago:

  • Cheddar, Havarti, brie, gouda cheeses
  • Variety of crackers
  • honey
  • twizzlers
  • m&m’s
  • blueberries
  • raspberries
  • grapes
  • chick-fil-a nuggets
  • sour patch kids
  • ginger snap cookies
  • variety of meats
  • dark chocolate peanut butter cups
  • peanuts
  • sugared pecans
  • vanilla wafers
  • mints
  • macaroons

My goal was to choose things the kids would love, not to make a super sophisticated board. And, I think they did!!

I used some pom poms, made mums and set out megaphones.

For drinks, we had bottled water for the kids and wine for the adults. Once the kids left, the adults cracked open the wine, finished off the food and enjoyed chatting with new and old friends!

It was such a fun night and a true pleasure to open our home for this event!

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