HOCO 2023 {Senior Picture Party}

John and friends did their homecoming photos at the home of a wonderful family in our community that hosts them for Young Life. They pour into these teens in every way, and were so sweet to open their home to them once again.

Homecoming Things
Freshman HOCO 2023
Dinner Party 2023
Picture Party 2023
Parade & Game 2023
Picture Party 2022
Balloon Garlands
Neon Light Photo Wall
Fringe Wall
Grazing Board
Picture Party 2021

John attended with a beautiful friend. I loved her flowers SO MUCH!

The guys all looked so handsome. I admit – I teared up a little this evening. I will miss this crew so much.

Here’s their “core group”. This circle formed back in seventh grade and their love, support and friendship hasn’t wavered.

A few group shots.

And, finally, the Senior moms!

Before we left home, I got a few pictures of my handsome boys.

I can’t wait to share the Senior dinner and all about Whit’s freshman HOCO soon!

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