HOCO 2022 {DIY Fringe Wall}

I’m back today with more details on another project from our HOCO Picture Party. This fringe wall turned out so cute. I’m not going to lie – it was a lot of tedious work but was easy and worth it.

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While I kept all of the balloons and other areas white, it was fun to have a feature wall in school colors!

Fringe Wall Supplies

DIY Fringe Wall

  • My space has two 7′ openings, so I made two different fringe walls, each about 7.5′.
  • Start by rolling out the fencing and cutting it to the width of your space.
  • Use the rotary cutter to cut the table cloth in 2″ strips. I left mine folded, for the most part, and cut through multiple layers at a time.
  • I would cut up one entire table cloth, then tie it on to the fencing.
  • I tried to cut different lengths of table cloth to give it an organic look. You can always go back and trim some off.
  • We used command hooks to hang the two pieces of fencing in the garage so I could work on it inside. I put on a book on tape and went to town!
  • To tie on the strips of table cloth, you simply fold the strip in half, push it through the fence and then pull the tails back through to loop it on. You will want to add a few rows of each color for fullness.
  • We used command hooks to hang it.

Here you can see what it looks like from the back side.

HOCO Picture Party

Hop over here to see the event!

I’ll try to wrap this up tomorrow with the grazing board!

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