There is an activity Mother, Sister and I all adore *almost* as much as we relish our pots of Paris Tea.  And we call it “birding.”  It all started a few Christmases ago when Daddy-O gifted Mother a set of binoculars for bird watching in their coastal backyard.  Well, before those telescoping glasses ever focused in on the feather of a single bird, our little trio had them out driving around, gawking at gorgeous homes, decked out in their Christmas splendor, in a way we’d never before been equipped to enjoy.  After that first hour long jaunt, when we arrived back home Daddy-O promptly inquired as to where we’d been with the binocs.  We blurted out “birding” as we hysterically ran to the back of the house to collapse in giggles as to how we’d truly put the darned things to use.  Since that first night’s “holiday birding” and in addition to just plain “birding”, we’ve immensely enjoyed both “beach birding” (a tradition on each of our two summer trips to Rosemary) and “midnight birding” (when the littles are all in bed.)

So, while dining with my parent’s besties B and P on one lovely Southern Savannah evening, Mr. P took the littles out for a spin on the golf cart (with Mother and I in tow in case something were to go awry.)  Now, Mr. P and the littles were hunting for wildlife and who-knows-what while, unbeknownst to the boys, Mother and I were “birding” from the back seat.  Which brings me to the real eye candy of this edition of Dixie Delights – the creme de la creme of The Landings and the impetus for adding “golf cart birding” to our ever growing repertoire.

I would like to cut this screened in porch right off of the side of this house and paste it on mine.
Such a gorgeous drive.  And if you could see the marsh views…
Love the symmetry.
Like a Southern plantation.

And just as twilight approached, the coup de grace of the expedition was climbing to the top of the marina’s look out, a viewpoint that might just be unmatched, to watch the sun set.  The PCP had a fantastic first time using a telescope to watch the herons and wild boars, and Cookie kept us on our toes by trying to repeatedly lunge himself into the water.  A divine way to end the day (even in spite of the little’s never ending antics.)

Many thanks to B and P for hosting our boisterous brood again.  Tis always a marvelous meal and fabulous time!

PS.  Yes, I AM sporting white shorts (and sandals) before Easter.  A cardinal Southern rule I’ve never before broken.  But Easter is soooo late this year and all of my summer wear necessitates WHITE in some form or fashion.

PPS.  Have you ever seen a tongue like this?!?!  I swear, if I didn’t vividly remember birthing all nine pounds of the baby I wouldn’t believe he was mine.

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